10 Year Old Female and Young Male with Broken Leg Needs Help

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Ah, it never ends! We have received requests to help three little dogs today. One has a broken leg and needs a foster home for at least 6 weeks. He is a cruelty confiscation and has come down with kennel cough. Poor little guy! Another one is a 10 year old female with eye and skin issues. Both of these little fluffs will not be eligible for adoption so unless someone from a rescue can help them, they will be euthanized. The third one is luckily an adoptable dog at a lower kill shelter so hopefully that one will make it. With over crowding and less volunteers to help with fostering these dogs, it is always a chance he could be put to sleep, though. It would be much better if we could get him into a foster home, too!

We desperately need more foster homes to help save these little guys. If you are able to help foster a dog, please complete an application to help us at www.shihtzu-rescue.com. If you can’t help foster, maybe you can help spread the word about our need for help. I will gladly send you our flyer that you can print out and put in your area dog stores, work, churches, etc. Please send me a message at sherry@pawpawpatch.net if you can help.

Intake – A Tough Job

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My name is Sherry and I am the Intake Coordinator for LSSTLAR. My job is to find placement for the little dogs that need to be rehomed through our rescue. Lately, it has been an especially tough job with the economy in the dumps. Before we can admit a dog into our rescue, we have to have the funds to pay for his basic vetting and a foster home for him to go to.

The current economic woes are effecting rescues in many ways. Donations are way down. Lack of funds causes a back log of dogs in foster homes. When we don’t have a steady flow of donations, it takes longer to get our dogs ready for adoption. It also means we might have to pass on some medically needy little fluffs. There are also more people unable to keep their dogs due to losing their jobs, moving, working more hours, or just can’t afford them anymore.

We also have a decline in volunteers able to provide foster homes. We always need new volunteers to foster due to our volunteers moving, adopting their fosters, or life changing events that no longer allow them to foster. Without enough foster homes, we have to turn down requests to take in dogs in need. Right now, there is a little 8 year old at one of our area shelters and we don’t have a foster home for him. He will probably be euthanized in the next few days. I am so sad for this poor little boy.

If you can help by fostering even one little dog at a time, please go to our website at www.shihtzu-rescue.com and complete an application to volunteer. If you have adopted from us previously, complete the form for previous adopters. You may even qualify to help us immediately. Maybe you can even save this little 8 year old boy.

8 Year Old Shih Tzu at Shelter

8 Year Old Shih Tzu at Shelter

As Teresa says, it is all about the dogs!

Hello world!

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