Latifah Needs Help from You!

This beautiful girl is Queen Latifah.  She came to us from CAP after a failed adoption.  We thought it was because she was a little chubby-or just “big-boned.”  Her foster mom has been working hard on her weight and Latifah is already down a couple of pounds!

She needs our help though.  I know, it always seems we have another dog who needs some kind of medical work done, but we all know it’s worth it in the end, right?  Latifah has bladder stones, stones in her bile duct and a suspicious mass on her spleen.  After taking her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists-Internal Medicine, we’ve learned that her surgery will cost approximately $3500.  That’s a lot of money, but this little girl is living in pain and is on pain medication, which can damage her kidneys.

Latifah’s foster mom says even in pain this little girl is such a doll.  She loves children and just wiggles with excitement when they come near her on a walk.  Matter of fact, her foster mom says if she wasn’t at her pup limit she would already be a foster failure!

So far we’ve only raised approximately $600 of the needed $3500.  Please, if you can find a way to donate any amount-large or small to help this girl it would be appreciated.  If you would like to make a convenient PayPal donation you can do it here.  If you would rather send a check, please note the new address:

PO Box  218075
Houston, TX  77218-8075

If you are donating to help Queen Latifah please send an email to  This will help us keep track of the donations so we can get Latifah help as soon as possible!

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Latifah is in Pain and Needs Your Help

Does anyone remember Queen Latifah?  She was rescued from a local shelter in February when her adoption fell through.  When we rescued her, we knew she would need to be tested for Cushing’s Disease.

The Cushing’s test came back okay, but we discovered she has stones in her bile duct and also a knot on her spleen that needs to come out.  The poor girl is having to take pain medication.  Unfortunately, the meds run out before she is able to take the next dose and she spends a couple of hours panting in pain before she can have more meds.  We know that none of us would want to watch one of the precious babes suffer.

This is another one of those expensive procedures.  Latifah needs $4000 to cover her surgery and follow-up visits.  We were trying to NOT take in any very expensive puppers after little Chachacha and Mumchkin, but this one snuck up on us.

Even on pain meds this girl is wonderful.  She loves children and wants so badly to play.  Can you help free her from pain and get on the road to a forever home?

Latifah’s paypal link is HERE.  Or to send a check, please mail it to our NEW address:


If you are going to send a check, please also do the pledgeform at, so we count your pledge immediately.

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