ANNAMARIE AND CONNIE – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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Hello! My name is Annamarie and I am a newcomer to Lone Star. I am a puppy mill survivor and am so very happy to be at Lone Star! I am about 8 years old and very underweight at 7.8 pounds. I also had a huge hernia and also a growth on my eye. I’m a bit shy right now, but I know that I will start to gain my confidence back. I’m even a bit inquisitive of people and I think that’s a good thing! Hopefully you will see me on my very own Petfinder page soon. I really love all the attention I am getting now!


I am Connie and I also came from the puppy mill. I am about 8 years old and severely emaciated at 5.8 pounds. I need lots of good nutrition and supplements and thankfully I’m getting them! I also had ear mites and severe tartar, plus I have a shrunken left eye. I’m quite shy and a bit fearful, but I know that the volunteers at Lone Star and helping me. Hopefully, I’ll be up for adoption sometime in the future when I become healthy and strong.


ALIANA AND FLORA – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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My name is Aliana and I am a newcomer to Lone Star. I came from a puppy mill and when I arrived I was in pretty bad shape. I am about 7 years old and had a very hard life before I came to Lone Star. I had ear mites, a large umbilical hernia and my right eye had to be removed. I am also about 2-3 pounds underweight at 9.5 pounds. I’m a bit shy, but I think you can understand why. I’m getting healthier and hope to be available for adoption soon. Watch for me on Petfinder, you’ll be surprised at how good I will look!



My name is Flora and I too am a newcomer from the puppy mill. Boy am I ever glad to be here! I am about 7 years old and underweight. Just like Aliana, I had ear mites. I am also a bit fearful and shy but I am making progress! I feel that I am getting healthier and stronger each day! Lots of love, good food and nutrition sure do make a difference. Watch for my Petfinder page!


SABINE AND JACINTO – Sabine has been Adopted!

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Hi!! My name is Sabine and I am a very sweet and loving 3 year old Lhasa Apso boy. I am new to Lone Star, but won’t be ready for adoption for a few months. I am heartworm positive and now undergoing treatment. I have to lay low and relax and just get healthy. BUT, wait until I get better!! I’ll be ready to find my forever family then!


My name is Jacinto and I am a 17 pound, 7 year old Shih Tzu boy. I am quite active for 7 and I love to play, but I also am very sweet too. I think I’m pretty darn cute as my little tongue hangs out and I have a great little “bobbing” walk. I hope to be up for adoption soon. Watch for my Petfinder page!!