ARTHUR AND IKE – Ike has been Adopted!!

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We are Arthur and Ike and we are two of the newest newcomers to arrive at Lone Star. We would like to tell you a bit about ourselves.



I am a black and white Lhasa Apso boy who was found as a stray. I am now in foster care and am SO GRATEFUL for that! I have had some medical problems and am doing so much better than when I came in. I had kennel cough and medicine has helped me get rid of that! I also am heartworm positive and will start on treatment for that very soon. Because of my heartworm treatment, it will be a little while before I can be adopted, but I promise to be ready for my forever home as soon as I am well!



WOW! I have the same name as the hurricane that has caused Houston so many problems. I promise that I won’t cause any problems to the wonderful Lone Star folks who rescued me!

I am a 3 year old Shih Tzu boy and I am very happy and friendly. I was found as a stray and was sick when I first came to Lone Star. I had kennel cough and pneumonia, but now I am SO MUCH BETTER!! I’m a little underweight, but I am eating well, am healthy, and will be ready for adoption soon! Watch for my Petfinder page.


PRINCE AND FLOWER – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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We are Prince and Flower and we would like to say that we are now Lone Star Dogs! We will soon be up for adoption! Watch for our Petfinder sites! We would LOVE to find our lifetime homes!



I am a 5 year old gray Lhasa Apso and I am a very sweet and loving boy. Don’t I have a great smile? That’s what I do all day. I’m just a happy guy who will be ready for adoption soon.



I am a 5 year old beige and white Shih Tzu girl. You can see by my picture that I am as cute as can be. I am also very calm and easygoing. My little underbite is quite prominent, but I think it makes me look like I’m smiling at you! Watch for me on Petfinder. Hopefully I will be there soon!


GUSTAV, EDOUARD, FAYE AND KEB – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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We are Gustav, Edouard, Faye and Keb. We were found as strays and taken to a local animal shelter where were rescued by the fantastic Lone Star volunteers. We are very lucky that we are now being taken care of and that we have a second chance on forever homes. Look for us soon on our very own Petfinder pages!

Please think about fostering one of us also. We need foster homes!


I am a gray and white Shih Tzu boy of about 3 years. So far everyone says that I am a calm guy.


I am a red 2 year old male Shih Tzu who is very playful and fun. Look for me soon!


I am a 3 year old red and white Shih Tzu gal. I am very sweet and calm.


I am a white 2 year old Shih Tzu boy. I am also very sweet and calm and can’t wait til I am able to find my forever home!


STILTON AND PATE – Weve Been Adopted!!

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We are Stilton and Pate and we have just found our way to Lone Star. And are we ever lucky dogs! Please read about us and help us find foster homes and also forever homes soon!!



I am an 8 year old, white and tan, male Lhasa Apso. Lone Star was called to help me by the SPCA as I was a cruelty confiscation case. I’ve got a ton of energy and everyone says that I act much younger than my age. Even though I love to play, I am still calm, easy going, and happy. I will hopefully be listed on Petfinder soon. Once I’m there, if you think I might be the perfect dog for your family, contact my foster mom. Help me find my forever home!!!



I am an 8 year old gray and white Shih Tzu. I was also a cruelty confiscation case from the SPCA. When I came to Lone Star, I was in pretty bad shape. My hair was all matted and that hurt quite a bit. Also, no one had trimmed my nails for a very long time. They were so long that they had grown in circles. I do have a limp from what the volunteers at Lone Star think might be from an old back injury. I am going in for surgery on Monday, September 8. I will keep you posted on my progress as I hope to be able to find a forever home soon.


KIMCHI, GAZPACHO and CHOWDER – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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Hello! My name is Kimchi and I am one of the “newest of the new” newcomers to Lone Star. The volunteers at Lone Star found me at the SPCA, after I was turned in by my owner. Luckily I now have a new outlook on life! I am a male, 2 year old Lhasa Apso with white and brown flowing hair. Everyone says that I am very calm, easygoing, and happy! I LOVE to be in your lap getting lots of pets and attention. I know that I will be on Petfinder soon, ready for adoption. Will you check me out? I would love to find my forever family. Keep on the lookout for me – I’m worth it!!!



My name is Gazpacho and I am a 4 year old male, gray and white Shih Tzu. My owner turned me in to the SPCA, and lucky for me I am now at Lone Star! I am a calm, easygoing, and happy little guy. And, I am a GREAT kisser! I LOVE to be held and be the center of attention getting all the loving I can. I’m not on Petfinder yet, but I know I will be soon! Watch for me, because I’m ready for my forever home!!!



Greetings! My name is Chowder and I am a 1 year old brown and white Shih Tzu boy. I was taken to one of the local animal shelters and that’s where the volunteers at Lone Star found me. WOW, I feel really lucky about that! I am definitely a “people” dog and love to be in your lap giving lots of kisses. I am calm, easy going, yet playful. Watch for me soon on Petfinder. I KNOW you’ll be interested in me.