ABNER AND SCHNITZEL – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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Hello! We are two newcomers to Lone Star and we would like to introduce ourselves! We are Abner and Schnitzel. We met at Deogi, our doggy day care center, and have become fast friends. We are hoping that we might be able to be adopted together! We were both turned in to the rescue by our owners, so we were feeling a bit blue and confused. BUT, we found each other and are together all the time and that’s been a good thing for us. We are now happy dogs!



I am a one year old Lhasa Apso boy with mostly white and gray hair. Everyone tells me that I am sweet, calm and very happy. That describes me perfectly! Hopefully I will be soon on Petfinder, ready to be adopted. Please watch for me there!



Take a look at my picture and you will see a very pretty 1 year old Lhasa Apso girl. I have brown, white and black long hair. I am friendly, happy and playful now. When I first came into rescue, I was sad and confused. But now that I have my friend Abner to play with and all my human friends I am one happy gal. Look for my Petfinder page soon!


BARBIE DOLL AND PANINI – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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Barbie Doll

My name is Barbie Doll and I am a beautiful 2 year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso girl. I have really pretty white/blond hair, but can’t say that I have the figure that my namesake Barbie doll has!
I was turned in to Lone Star by my owners because I am quite fearful of strangers. Since I have been with the Volunteers at Lone Star I have become more trusting. I am still afraid of strangers, but once I get to know you I will love you forever! I know, however, that I would be best in a home without any children. Maybe a couple or an older person would be the perfect companion(s) for me! I hope to be up for adoption soon, so watch for my Petfinder page!!!



I am Panini and I am a 4 year old tan and white Shih Tzu boy. Like my friend Barbie Doll, I am a bit fearful of strangers and because of that was also turned-in to Lone Star. I am also learning how to trust and will need to go to a quiet, loving family for my forever home. Children and lots of commotion are not for me!! I would love to find someone who will help me be the best little dog I can and help me with socialization skills. I also need to know that if I am fearful, my family will help me and protect me. Watch for my Petfinder page too!


PICASSO AND ROUX – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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We’ve had some excitement here at Lone Star with the seven little hairless rescues dogs now here. They’ve gotten lots of attention, as well they should, but we would like to tell you that we’re here also and will soon be ready for adoption. We are Picasso and Roux and we’d like to tell you just a bit about ourselves.

We each need a foster home also. If you think you might be interested in fostering one of us, or another dog here at Lone Star, please contact Sherry at sherry352@sbcglobal.net for more information on how to be a foster parent.



I am a 5 year old Lhasa boy with red and white hair AND I have a nickname. I also answer to Poochie! I have only one eye, but that doesn’t hinder me at all! Lucky for me, the volunteers at Lone Star found me at one of the local animal shelters. Now I am here learning the ropes and hopefully will be up for adoption sometime soon. I am a pretty shy guy and am especially fearful of people I don’t know. I’m getting better and better each day as I relearn how to trust. I would be best in a family that has no children. I think I might be interested in being your “one and only” dog so I could have one lap to fall asleep on. When I am ready for adoption, I will have my own Petfinder page. You will then be able to see how I have progressed! And you might just be the one to give me my forever home!!!



My name is Roux and I am a tri-colored Shih Tzu boy. I am about 1 1/2 years old. I had a traumatic experience before I was taken to Lone Star. I had been tied to a mail box in Louisiana and left there. Luckily a concerned citizen saw me and contacted Lone Star. I was not in very good shape and had an injury to my tail. It bothered me so much that I kept chasing it and biting it. The veterinarian thought that the best situation would be to remove my tail. That’s what happened and I now have a little stub, but there’s still a lot of wag there! I am so very grateful to have been rescued. I have lots of doggie and human friends to play with and I am doing great now. Hopefully I will be up for adoption soon. I would be best in a family that has no children. Watch for my Petfinder page!!!


CAMDEN, CAYLA and VAL – We’ve Been Adopted!!

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We are Camden, Cayla, and Val and we are the newest of the newcomers to Lone Star. We just wanted to let you know that we have arrived!


The volunteers at Lone Star found me at the local animal shelter. I have no idea why I ended up there as I am a sweet boy who loves to give kisses! I am a Shih Tzu, about three years old, with grey hair. My picture is not very good, but I know that when I am listed on Petfinder I will be quite the handsome young boy. Hopefully, I will be ready for adoption soon. Please watch for me!


I am a very fortunate dog. I am a Maltese/Lhasa Apso mix young girl of 1 year. As you can see from my picture I have severe ear problems. I was taken to one of the area animal shelters and luckily they contacted Lone Star about me. Someone put rubber bands on my ears to “clip” them. Because of that, I now have stubs instead of ears and I also have ear infections that need to be treated. The veterinarian says that I am starting to heal and I feel better already. I know that the volunteers at Lone Star will help me get better, but it might take a bit of time before I am up for adoption.


My name is Val and I am a 4 year old, 7.5 pound black and white Shih Tzu girl. My owner turned me in to one of the local animal shelters. I’m not sure why that happened, but all I know is I am very scared as I have no idea what is happening to me. You can see how sad I am in my picture. I know that my life will change as I am now in a loving foster environment. I will get better and better each day and my next picture will show my eyes full of confidence and love. I will be looking for my forever home soon!!



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Our names are Abercrombie and Cameron. We aren’t quite ready for adoption yet and are not listed on Petfinder. Hopefully we will be soon and then we can find our forever homes! We would like to tell you a little about ourselves!


I am Abercrombie, a handsome Lhasa Apso boy of about 3 years. I have a beautiful red and white coat and I weigh 16 pounds or so. I was at one of the local animal shelters and luckily Lone Star found me and saved my life. I am ever so appreciative of that! I had worms when I arrived, but now I am a healthy boy. I am waiting for a foster home and will be ready for adoption soon.


My name is Cameron and I am also a Lhasa Apso boy. I am about 3 years old, weigh 15 pounds, and I have a brown and white coat. I am a quiet, laid-back, pretty easy-going guy. My problem is that I have a skin condition that is currently being treated. Once that is under control and my medicine is regulated, I will be ready for adoption!