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I’m a newbie to Lone Star and what a great little companion dog I will be someday! I am a 2 year old Lhasa Apso mix boy. I have a great-looking beige coat and I weigh about 12 ponds or so. I was previously adopted at one of the local animal shelters, but the folks who adopted me never came to pick me up! Bummer! But, I found my way to Lone Star and I think that’s the best thing that could have happened to me. I have a wonderful foster home and I know it will just be a matter of time before I find my forever home.

I am an active little boy, but I am also easy-going. I somehow broke my foot and I am now recuperating from that. I know I’m not supposed to run and play, BUT IT’S SO HARD NOT TO! I just love the grass and I love to run and chase my foster siblings.

I am also a very smart little guy and I love to watch my foster siblings so I can learn what they know. If no one is interested in playing with me, I will take a toy and throw it up in the air and catch it! My foster mom says that I have the cutest little facial expressions also. I am one happy guy. And when my foster mom took me to the vet I was very good during my bandage change. The vet could not believe how sweet I am!

You can contact my foster mom at ritchie2@mindspring.com She will tell you lots more about me and when I will be ready for adoption.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.


THE NEWBIES – GABRIELLE – I’ve Been Adopted!!

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We are the Newbies. Our names are Abercrombie, Alban, Barbie Doll, Bon Bon, Cameron, Cosmo, Droopy, Fitch, Gabrielle, Halston, Monkey, Picasso, Presley, Roux and Truffles. We are the lucky dogs who have found our way to Lone Star Shih Tzu Rescue. We are not yet ready for adoption and to be listed on Petfinder, but we are here and are in need of food, loving care, and FOSTER HOMES! We wanted you to know that there are many of us who are being taken care of “behind the scenes” and that we need your help. This little column will highlight one or two of us, to let you know who we are!


My name is Gabrielle Gillingham and I am a 10+ year old lady Shih Tzu. You can see by my picture that I am a pretty little lady with a very short haircut! I sure hope my hair grows back soon! I am a bit small and underweight right now at 10 pounds, but I hope to put on a few pounds in the coming months!

Lone Star was contacted by one of the local animal shelters about me. The local shelter thought that I was worth saving and am I ever glad of that! I have an open sore on my back that the doctors think might have been caused by a spider bite. I just had surgery to remove the spot (and they cleaned my teeth for me!) The local shelter could not take care of me and that’s why they contacted Lone Star. I am undergoing treatment for this injury now and need a bit of special care. The folks at Lone Star think that I may have been very unsocialized or abused as I am very shy and a bit withdrawn. I need to find a foster family who will be willing to help me with socialization, learning how to trust, and also to take care of my wound as it heals. If you can help me, please contact sherry352@sbcglobal.net.