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Hi there. My name is Cameron. I was asked if I would like to tell you my story so here it goes…

My story starts not too long ago when I was dumped at a local animal shelter by my owner. I don’t think of that person as a mom or anything nice like that you see because she only kept me to breed so that she could have puppies to sell. What a selfish person she was to use me like that and unfortunately I was not the only one. My first owner was a puppy mill breeder. She dumped me at the shelter because I was sick and I looked horrible. I guess she figured she couldn’t make any money off of me if I was sick. I had a skin condition called Demodex. It is caused by mites and although most dogs have a certain degree of mites, my condition was so much worse because it took over my skin and ate at my paws where they were raw and so painful. I was itchy and so uncomfortable. I have heard that I could have gotten so bad from stress or neglect or abuse. I think I had all of that and so that is why I developed this nasty condition. On top of all of that, I was very scared and very shy. I never had any love as a pup and didn’t have much human contact. My life was to breed and that was it. It was pretty miserable and a very lonely sad life for me. And despite being very scared on the day I was dropped off at that big building with all the barking dogs, I was a little relieved that I was no longer at that filthy scary sad place that I used to call home. And despite being sick and looking so badly, I hoped and prayed that I would get a second chance… and I did… This is just the start of my story…Cameron 20080826 020-1

I was picked up from the shelter from a rescue group called Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue or LSSTLAR for short. They took me in despite my pitiful state and they really showed me for the first time in my short life what love could feel like. I never knew what a wonderful feeling that was until that day. Regardless though, I was still very scared not knowing what was going to happen to me and not being able to trust anyone because of how I was treated my whole life. I stayed at a place called Deogi Dog Daycare, Spa & Resort which was run by Teresa which is the person that rescued me from the shelter. After being there for a while I was taken in by one of the volunteers with LSSTLAR. Her name is Sherry. She used to come by Deogi and help take care of all doggies including me. One day when she was giving me a bath she noticed my feet were raw. The vet gave me some more medication and Sherry decided to take me home with her so that she could take care of me. I thought of Sherry as my mom. She took me in and took such good care of me. She made sure I took my medication, and she fed me and bathed me and loved on me. She tried to show me that I didn’t have to be so scared and that she was there to help me get better and find a new home. I loved Sherry very much but I can’t say I was the best behaved doggie. One time I was in the backyard and without her even knowing it I got out of the yard. I was just curious that’s all. Before I knew it I was lost! Sherry was in such a panic and she drove everywhere looking for me. It wasn’t until 2 days later that she found me. I felt so bad for being such a bad boy but Sherrie didn’t get mad at me. Instead she gave me a big hug and was just so happy to see me again. I never tried that again.

Cameron 20090220E-1<img I lived with Sherry for just 2 months and in that time I learned a lot. She would always tell me that I have the most wonderful smile and that I was so very special. I was very happy to be with her. In March a lady named Jean contacted Sherry because she wanted to meet me. She and her husband Larry were looking for a sibling for their shih tzu Sammy. I got to meet Jean and Larry and although I was terribly shy, they seemed very nice and I liked them immediately. I think they took a liking to me too and they decided to take me home and make me part of their family! I was so happy and so afraid at the same time. I was happy to have found my forever home but scared that I wouldn’t be what they expected. How wrong I was!

I am now an official member of the family! I have a big brother named Sammy. I love him so much! It’s so much fun to have someone to play with and to keep me company. I am no longer alone. Picture2-1Mom says I’m Sammy’s little shadow. I won’t argue with that. I think I am too but I don’t think Sammy minds it. When I became part of the family I was still scared of mom and dad just because I was not sure how to act around them. I so badly wanted to be a good boy and to impress them. I think bonding with Sammy helped me get closer to my mom and dad. It wasn’t long before that scaredy cat, shy doggie disappeared and this new happier, goofy doggie emerged. I do have a problem with being stubborn but I’m working on it. Mom and Dad still love me anyways. I have such a wonderful life right now. So much better than I could have ever hoped for or prayed for back when I was at that scary shelter. I sleep in a warm bed with my mom, dad and Sammy. I get belly rubs and lots of love first thing in the morning. I get to play with some really cool toys and I now have a big brother to play with. I have become a little clown, or so I have been told. Mom and dad say that I always make them smile and so that makes me smile too. I love that I can make them so happy.

So that is my story. I went from a sick puppymill dog to King of the World… well King of my world anyways. Life is good.

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