From Sick Puppy to Happy Puppy– Meet Casey

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Casey 1
Hi there! My name is Casey. Boy am I one happy camper these days. I’m so much better than I have ever been and if it’s okay with you I would like to tell you why.

First off I used to be one sick doggie. For as long as I can remember I never felt good. I would be fine one minute and then the very next I would be shaking uncontrollably and crying and in so much pain. I hate thinking back to what that pain felt like. It was miserable and no one knew what was wrong with me. I was around 3 years old when I first remember the episodes getting really bad. My first mom didn’t know what to do with me and she felt so sorry for me. I would always hope I would get better because I know that would have made her so happy but unfortunately I didn’t. So my mom called a local Rescue group to take me in since the testing and medication that I needed was so costly and my mom couldn’t afford it but she didn’t want me to suffer. I was skeptical as to who would want to take me in since I was so sick but the good people at Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue answered me and my mom’s prayers and decided to take on the challenge of getting me better.

Casey on his way
So started my journey to recovery. From Arizona to Texas I went. What a long drive that was! I was told I was a very good boy though. When I got to Texas I stayed at Deogi which is a doggie daycare and my first foster home but I didn’t stay there long since my seizures got so bad. Someone needed to watch me very closely so off I went to live with my foster mom, Sherry. Boy was she special. She had all these other foster dogs to care for but she took on the challenge of taking care of me and watching me closely as I went through my episodes. I knew it was not easy for her to see me in that state but she was so strong and so loving to me. She even had to video tape my episodes for my doctor to see so they could figure out what could be wrong with me. There was even a time where I would go into these episodes so badly that I hurt my eye and I had to wear an E-Collar so that I wouldn’t hurt myself anymore.Casey E-Collar

My doctor ran many tests on me and even performed an MRI. That is when I finally found out what was wrong with me. I had an abnormal brain, a rare malformation called…and let me see if I can pronounce this right… Lissencephaly. Yes, that is what I had. Basically what that means is in a normal brain it has ridges through out it but my brain did not have that. It was smooth, with no ridges. This is why I was so sick and had the horrible seizures. At least I finally knew what was wrong with me and they could give me some sort of treatment for it. So they started me out on some medication to help with the seizures and guess what ….It worked! I mean I’m not totally seizure free but it got so much better. I went from having several seizures in one week to only once every 3 weeks! My foster mom and my doctor continued to monitor me and with regulations to my medication I started having the seizures less and less to one every 2-3 months. What a difference my life has been since then!

Casey and Puppies
I continued living with Sherry and loving every minute of it. She would hug on me and call me her big teddy bear! She would always tell me I was super sweet and such a good boy. I just loved Sherry and living at her home. I loved to play with all the puppies that came in and out of her house. I guess you can say I was their big brother. I used to love it when they would jump on me and tug on me and play with me. I felt so loved. Sherry would always laugh at me when it was meal time because I just loved to eat and I would try to tell her when I was hungry. I was like a little alarm clock for her. When I started to moan (she said I sounded like Scooby Doo) she knew it was time to feed me. I never missed a meal and I made sure of it! I knew living with Sherry was only temporary. She would always give me a hug and tell me that she was going to find me a good forever home. So I enjoyed the time I had living with Sherry and the puppies and waited patiently for the day when I would meet my new forever mom although I have to be honest… I was skeptical if that would ever happen since 2 years went by and nobody asked about me.

But then one day some people became interested in me and started to ask about me. How excited I was! Not just one person but 2 people asked about me and get this… they were both nurses. They knew of my condition and since they were nurses they had experience in caring for those that were sick. I prayed and prayed that one of them would get approved to adopt me and sure enough… one of them did!

Meet my new mommy Angela! I love my new mom and my new home. Casey and Mom 1
I was adopted by Angela just a few months ago and things have been just wonderful! She came across my picture and my story while browsing the internet. My poor mom lost one of her dog friends 2 years before and had a hard time dealing with it. She had another dog named Sammy and was looking to find Sammy a new brother to play with so that is when she found me. She says I was the cutest doggie and just like Sherry, she thought I looked like a big teddy bear that she just wanted to hold and squeeze! I was totally okay with that! I love to be hugged and squeezed. She knew of my condition and the medications I took but still wanted to take me in. She is a nurse so she knew how to take excellent care of me. She has a wonderfully big heart to take me into her life. She could have went to a local breeder and adopted a cute little puppy that was totally healthy but she chose to pick me instead. She chose to give something back and rescue a dog that needed rescuing. I think the world needs more people like her so that doggies like me can have a chance. I think I really lucked out! I was so happy to find my forever home and to have 2 great moms in the last 2 years. Happy Casey

Well this is my story. I hope you enjoyed reading about me. What can I say except I love my new life, I’m happier than I have ever been and it was all made possible by a few wonderful people that saw past my sickness.
I will forever be grateful to Lone Star, Sherry and Angela for taking a chance on this big ol’ teddy bear.
Casey and Mom 2

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