The Curious Case of Donnie the Nippy

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Donnie at Deogi
Hello. My name is Donnie and I was asked by the people that rescued me if I would mind telling you my story. It may not seem like an extraordinary story or anything but to me it’s my whole life and it could have been the end of it if it wasn’t for some very special and loving people.
See I was considered an aggressive dog. I would bark aggressively at people and even nip them if given the chance. I have nipped a few people back in the day and I’m not proud of that but I was just so scared & confused all of the time.

The farthest back that I can remember was about 2 years ago when I was 2 years old and was rescued. I don’t remember my life before that. I can’t remember where I lived or who I lived with. I guess I chose to block that out since they were not happy memories for me.
I lived in Oklahoma and was rescued by some nice people but because I was Nippy and aggressive with everyone, they contacted another rescue group in Texas to see if they can take me and help me through my little problem.

So from Ohio I went to Dallas and was taken in by Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue. They were ever so kind to me but I still was so scared and out of fear and confusion I would act out and nip at anyone that I felt was a threat to me. I knew deep down in my heart they just wanted to help me but I couldn’t help myself. I think it has something to do with when I was very little but I can’t remember what could have made me be this way. It must not have been anything good and honestly I’m glad I don’t remember.

Well from Dallas I went to live in Houston with my foster mom named Teresa. I was told that Teresa would take good care of me and that she has experience with little nippy dogs like me. I was anxious to live with her and have her help me through my aggression issues. I lived with Teresa for about a year and a half and boy did I learn a lot. She really did show me love and understanding. I learned that I didn’t have to protect people ’cause they were strong enough. Then I went to live at a great doggie daycare, Deogi, for several months and did very, very well with all of the people that worked there and also all of the new clients. Ms Teresa thought that I had graduated enough to go live in another home. One day, another foster mom with Lone Star, Sherry, decided that I needed to go home and live with her. She also has experience in dealing with little nippy dogs like me. I really loved Sherry. I would follow her around and want to be with her everywhere she went but I had a bit of a problem with everyone else at the house. They were always so nice to me but I felt that I had to protect my new mom and would bark at everyone all of the time and even trying to nip a few of them on the toes. I know I know… I was not a very nice doggie. I had a lot to learn about sharing and being a polite little dog. Despite all my little issues Sherry continued to work with me and I soon started to get close to her husband. I started to see that I didn’t have to protect Sherry all of the time even though it was an automatic reaction for me. I just loved her so very much.

I was with Lone Star Rescue for about two years before someone finally showed interest in adopting me. I know that’s a long time and I don’t blame anyone for that except myself. I know I wasn’t very friendly with most people and my aggressiveness was a big issue in me getting a new home so when I heard the news that someone was interested in me I was excited but I was also nervous that my “issues” would come back to haunt me. I wanted to try and be on my best behavior!

So off me and Sherry went to Bizbee Arizona to meet my new mom, Lise. Yes in my short life I have lived in 3 different states! That’s more than some humans, what a lucky boy I am! I did pretty good on my trip except for when we made a stop in San Antonio to meet with some Lone Star Volunteers. Don’t ask me why I did it but I jumped out and nipped one of them on the feet! I think I could see how nervous Sherry was after that. She was probably wondering if I would act out like that and blow my chances with my new mom when I met her. I think in my mind I was protecting Sherry from these strangers. That is why Sherry calls me the “Stranger Eater!” I didn’t care for strangers at all. It took time for me to trust strangers.

Lise & Donnie1

When we finally got to Arizona I got to meet my new mom, Lise. She seemed very excited to meet me but I was a little nervous. Sherry and mom took me for a long walk right away. I think they thought it would relax me some. I enjoyed my walks with Sherry. I loved being right by her side. I did good too as long as Sherry was there holding the leash and I guess I was so happy on my walk that I didn’t even realize that sometime during my walk, Sherry had left and it was just me and my new mom and she was holding the leash, taking me for walk… just me and her and I was okay with it. I wasn’t scared or nervous anymore. I realized that everything was going to be okay and that although I love Sherry very much and would miss her terribly, that my new mom was going to treat me just as wonderful as Sherry did.

Lise and Donnie2

It has been two months since I have been with my new mom, Lise and everything has been just wonderful! My mom has a friend that also deals with little nippy dogs like me and she has helped me through my little problems. I have met a lot of new people and have had to learn to control my aggression. I am getting better slowly. I have a cat sister, a doggie brother named Willie and I did have a doggie sister named Zilla until she passed away a couple of weeks ago. Mom has been taking that pretty hard but she says that me and Willie help her through this hard time. I miss Zilla too. It makes me sad not to see her everyday. Me and Willie get along just fine and I love to chase the cat even though mom has to get on to me because I can be rough at times. My favorite thing that mom does is when she picks me up and holds me close and gives me tons of kisses. I love to wrap my legs around her neck and give her big hugs. I want her to know how much I really love her. Mom is always telling me how much she loves me and she says that I am her sweet little boy! That makes me feel good because I know some of the things I have done in the past have been anything but sweet.

Lise and dogs

So this is my story. I have been through some rough times as you can see and yes, I know I’m wasn’t the nicest doggie around but despite my little problems some people made it their mission to help me and not give up on me. There are so many dogs that end up in shelters every year for being nippy and I could have been one of them but thanks to the rescue in Oklahoma, the Lone Star Rescue, Teresa, Sherry and my mom.… I was given many chances and now I have a wonderful life! I’m just a prime example that even the grouchiest or nippiest dog should have a second chance. With a lot of love and patience we do come around and can become well adjusted.

DonnieSo please don’t be afraid to give us a chance. If you give your love, patience & understanding to just one nippy dog, I guarantee that nippy dog will come around and will return the love with years of total devotion, hundreds of tail wags, thousands of doggies hugs and millions and millions of wet kisses!