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Tiger after 1Well Hi There! My name is Tiger. I know I don’t look much like a Tiger but my mom says I am strong like one. She says that because of how bad of shape I was in when they found me and how strong I was to overcome it. I’ve come a long way and had a rough start in life as you can probably tell by my one eye. Is it okay if I tell you my tale? I gotta warn you though, it’s not very pretty….

My life started out pretty rough like I mentioned before. It was 6 years ago this past April that I was found wandering around a very busy intersection in Dallas. I don’t even know how I got there to be honest. I just know I was very small and the world seem so very big and scary especially with the cars zooming by. Thank goodness that someone saw me and I was picked up by the animal control officers and taken to a safe place away from all the dangers that I was surely going to encounter.

I was taken to the Animal Shelter in Dallas. I overheard one of the officers call someone on the phone and tell them that they found a small female shih tzu. I was looking around wondering who he was talking about since I was not a little girl, I was very much a little boy and I’m not sure how they didn’t know that but I just let it be. I was anxious to meet the person he called since this person told him they were going to pick me up. The next day I got to meet that nice lady. She was with a rescue group call LoneStar Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue. Who knew there was actually a group out there to save little dogs like me. When that lady saw me she almost cried. I looked at her wondering why she wanted to cry. Was it because I was not what she wanted or was I bad??? I didn’t know why at the time she wanted to cry but then I overheard her tell the lady at the shelter that I looked terrible and that she felt sorry for me. It didn’t hurt my feelings though. I knew I looked bad and I sure didn’t feel too great and I know she didn’t mean it in a bad way because she was so kind to me. When she got me to her car that is when she realized that I was a little boy not a little girl.

See these pictures of me.

tiger before 1
tiger before 2
This was me when I was picked up. I was very skinny, my right eye was completely ruptured and it hurt so bad. My other eye was infected, my jaw was broken so my tongue just hung out, I had mange and so I was itchy a lot and didn’t have much hair & on top of all of that I was a puppy! Yes I was not even full grown. All of this happened to me before my first birthday. (See, I told you I had a rough start). Since I was so young I can’t remember how I came to be in such awful shape. The people with the Lonestar thought that maybe I was owned by a backyard breeder and that maybe I accidentally wandered too close with one of the bigger dogs and they attacked me and that is how I got my injuries. They also think that whoever owned me just threw me out like garbage since it would have been too expensive for them to get me well and they didn’t want to pay for it. When I heard all of this I wanted to cry. Here I was in all of this pain and I looked horrible and I was so scared and this was happening to me all because someone didn’t want to bother with having to take me to the doctor to make me well, to ease my pain. I wondered how could anyone be so cruel to not want to help me? I don’t remember my first owner and I’m sure glad that I don’t. I was just happy that someone was willing to give me a second chance. I realized pretty quick that not all people are so cruel and there are actually some very nice people out there. These people didn’t even know me and wanted to take care of me. I knew right then and there good things were going to start happening for me from now on.

After I was picked up by the nice lady I was taken all the way down to Houston. It wasn’t that bad of a drive. I actually liked it very much despite the pain I was in. It was there that I was all fixed up! I was put on many medications for all my little problems. Before long the worms were gone and the itchy’s stopped and my hair started to grow in. They fixed up my jaw too but because it was so damaged my tongue just hangs out now. My eye on the other hand was still in bad shape. I heard talk of removing it. That made me nervous because I didn’t know if anyone would want me with just one eye but the doctor said that I would be much better without it since it was so damaged. It was left alone for a little bit. I guess they wanted to see if it would heal. So between having only one good eye and one yucky eye, hardly having any hair, skinny beyond belief and my tongue hanging out all of the time, I really didn’t know if I would ever find my forever home. I mean who would want a dog looking like me?

While I was recuperating I stayed with a lady named Teresa. She showed me a lot of love and attention. She reassured me that I would get adopted but I had a hard time believing her. I mean look at me. I know I wasn’t very pretty. One day I heard Teresa talking to a lady named Julie. Julie told Teresa that she was looking for a dog. I got excited! Then I found out that she was looking for a female. DARN… Strike 1. She also wanted an older dog. MAN! That’s Strike 2. I was getting depressed. I figured it would be an immediate Strike 3 once she saw how pitiful I looked so I didn’t get my hopes up.

Then one day Julie came by and I got to meet her. I thought to myself, I may not be able to win her over with my “looks” but maybe I can win her over with my charm. So there I went to work on Julie. I tried my best to show her that I was a good boy and that I would make a great companion despite my looks. You know what…. It worked like a charm. It wasn’t hard to love on Julie. She was so sweet to me and I want to say that it was love at first sight for the both of us. I heard her tell Teresa, “Yep, he’s the one.” I was so elated!!! So very excited! I am going to my forever home. My tail couldn’t stop wagging! I was ready to leave but I was still recovering so I was told that I needed to stay with Teresa just a little while longer until I was all better. That was cool with me. I think knowing that I had a home waiting for me helped me heal all the better.

After I got better I went home with Julie. I was still very small and my right eye was still messed up but Julie took care of me. Once I gained some weight I was told that it was time to have my eye removed. I was a little nervous when I was told they were going to totally remove my right eye but I trusted Julie and the doctors when they said it would make me feel so much better and it did! Here is a picture of me after my surgery.

tiger after eye surgery

I was officially adopted my mom, Julie in the summer of that year! My mom says that I am a wonderful little boy and she is always showing me how much she loves me. She is always buying me toys which I love! I can play with my toys all day long. Mommy thinks it’s funny how I try to get her attention to play with me. I will put my toy in front of her and I will look at her, then the toy, then at her and I’ll keep doing this back and forth until she plays with me. She never disappoints me. She loves playing with me. I have had many foster brothers and sisters over the last 6 years. We always have fun. I get along with all the foster dogs that come in and out of our house. A lot of the new doggies are nervous when they come home with us so I try to reassure them that it’s okay and that Julie will take extra special care of them. That seems to help calm them down. Mommy says I’m easy to train and so she got me into agility! There are not many small dogs like me in agility and I get a lot of attention when I do it so I do love it. Mommy volunteers with Lonestar and so she goes on many home visits when new people want to adopt or volunteer and so she takes me most of the time because she says I’m such a good boy. I think she likes to show me off too since I look totally different now than I did when I first was rescued. She says I’m a good Ambassador for the rescue when people see what I started out like and how I look now. Wouldn’t you say I cleaned up nicely…

tiger after

I never thought that this is what my life would turn out like. Mommy tells me all of the time that I’m the best thing that has ever come into her life but you know what… I really think she is the best thing that has come into mine.
tiger face

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