Meet Kissy Face Buddy (aka Eeyore, aka E-Gore)

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Buddy (aka Eeyore) before1Buddy (aka Eeyore) after
Hello Everyone! My name is Buddy. Isn’t that a cute name? My mommy, Stephanie gave me that name and I love it! I have actually had 3 names. Before I was Buddy, LoneStar gave me the name of Eeyore but my mommy thought I looked more like a Buddy! Before I was Eeyore it was actually E-gore. Yuck! I hate that name. I don’t know why my first mom named me that. I always thought I was much cuter than E-gore. I also didn’t care for that name very much because it was given to me by my first owner who did not take very good care of me. Having that name reminded me of her and that awful life I used to have. See these 2 pictures above. The one at the top is when I was rescued and the one at the bottom is of me now. I have come a long way from a year ago.
Do you want me to tell you about it?

Well, basically I was kept in a crate all day and all night, never let out to play, go potty or anything. I lived in a small apartment with my owner and her 2 kids. You would think the kids would have at least played with me but they didn’t. I sat in the crate so sad and desperate for any kind of attention. I sat there many nights wondering what I did wrong to deserve this. I even wondered why in the world my owner wanted to keep me if she was just going to keep me locked up. Nothing made sense to me. So there I laid day in and day out, laying in my own waste because they never let me out. The ammonia from the waste even burned my paws and face. I felt so miserable and was so embarrassed because I smelled bad. I decided to face the fact that this is how my life was going to be and wondered if any others were out there suffering like me.

But one day everything changed. Some people came to the apartment and took my mom’s kids away. I overheard them say that she was neglected them too. I had no idea and maybe that is why they didn’t play with me. Maybe they were not allowed to. I felt sorry for them. Well, that is when they found me. I was in my crate like usual and I was in the closet. Yes, my mom stuck my crate in the closet. It was dark and stuffy in there and I felt so lonely. I was so happy when the closet door was finally opened and some light was let in. And guess what…. They took me away too. I said goodbye to that stuffy apartment and never looked back! I was only 16 months old when I was rescued.

I was then taken to a big building with concrete floor and a lot of barking dogs. I have to admit it was kind of scary at first because of all the noise but it beat being in that smelly crate. Despite being scared to my new environment I wanted to love on everyone! I wanted to show everyone I met that I was a good dog and all I wanted to do was kiss you and show you how much I loved you but everyone said I was stinky and a mess so they didn’t care to hug on me or love on me but I understood because I could tell they wanted to. I wasn’t there long though. The shelter called LoneStar Rescue which is a place that takes in little stinky sick dogs like me and gets them well and ready for adoption. I was excited because all I wanted was a new home. A nice lady named Maureen picked me up and took me straight to the doggie doctor called a vet. Unfortunately I was there for a while because I had so many little problems. I didn’t even know I was that sick. I apparently had something called Demodex Mange and Leptosporosis (whew! that was a big word). I also had tick fever and a really bad bladder infection. They gave me plenty of medicine to get me all well. While I was at the vet getting well that is when I met Stephanie. She came by to take pictures of me for the Lonestar Website. Buddy (aka Eeyore) before2
See the picture above. That was a picture that was taken of me while at the vet. Once she saw me she decided to tell me a secret. She told me in her sweet voice that she was going to be my new foster mommy. I got so excited that I started kissing her all over. She said I was such a sweet little boy. That made me feel good. No one has ever told me that before. I wanted to go home with her right away but the doctor said I had to stay for a few more days to get a little better before Stephanie could take me home. I was sad but knew it was only a matter of days before the nice lady with the camera would pick me up and love on me.

So I patiently waited and just a few short days later, my new foster mommy picked me up and I got to go live with her and her 3 dogs. Mommy’s dog Chloe did not know what to think of me. I don’t think she liked me too much at first. She was the head of all the dogs and maybe it’s because I was getting all the extra attention from mommy that Chloe didn’t care for me at first but she got used to me and started to treat me like I was her little baby. She would clean my eyes and ears and love on me. She was good at acting like mommy.
There was a lot I had to learn in my new home. Since I lived my entire young life in a crate I didn’t know the difference between pottying inside the house and pottying outside. Mommy new I didn’t know better and so she was patient with me and even though I had some “accidents” she still loved on me. I started to learn the rules with the help of my new foster sisters. I also learned to eat good food and to take my medicine like a good boy. I have no problem taking my medicine. Mommy always rewards me with yummy treats when I take my medicine so I get excited to take them! My foster daddy is such a good daddy too. He loves to play with me and gives me all kinds of attention. Do you know what I love the most? I love it when Mommy would carry me around the house like a little baby and I especially love it when she would give me hugs and many kisses. I am a big kisser and love to give anyone kisses, especially my mommy and daddy. They spoil me so much. They are always bringing me toys from my favorite store, Petco. I have so many! I have learned so much and I even sleep in my crate, as long as I can see mommy and daddy. I don’t care too much for being in there when no one is around. It brings back bad memories. My potty training is right on track now. All I have to do is ring a little bell to the back door when I need to go potty and mommy takes me out. It wasn’t that hard at all to learn and it’s kind of fun to ring the bell. Mommy says I’m so smart. I think I am too and I have to say I’m proud of myself to have learned so much.

This life I all of a sudden had was unreal. I felt like I was in a dream. Then one day another lady with Lonestar told mommy that I am well enough to be listed for adoption. I was a little scared when I found out. I got so used to my foster family that I was scared to leave. I wanted to stay so badly. So I would love on my mommy and daddy especially hard to try to hint to them that I wanted to stay. You know what… it worked like a charm (hehehe). Mommy sat down daddy and told him that I needed to stay. I heard Daddy laugh and tell mommy that he knew it was a matter of time before mommy would tell him that and he felt the same way too. He says he could not imagine their life without sweet little me in it. YIPPEE!!! Mommy says she has committed foster failure 101. I’m not sure what she’s talking about? She is far from being a failure! She is my hero!

I have lived with my new family for almost a year. I am so happy to have the fairy tale ending. The beginning of my life looked very bleak for a while but boy have things turned around for me. I wish the very best to all the doggies out there that need rescue too. I hope they find much happiness like me.
The rest, as they say, is history!

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