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Hello. I was asked if I would mind telling you my life story and how I came to be the happy well adjusted doggie that I am today. I feel very honored to talk about myself, I do love the attention but it used to not be like that. Let me see, where do I start? It sure has been a while.

Oh yes… I remember now. It was about 2 years ago that my life changed forever. I used to live my whole life in a backyard with no attention, no love. All I was used for was to breed and make puppies for my owner to sell. They didn’t even have a name for me so that tells you how much attention they gave me. I was pretty lonely and very very scared especially at night when I had to sleep on the grass or on the concrete in the dark. I didn’t have any manners. I didn’t even know what those were until later on. I would run around wild as I could be. When people came near me I was especially petrified! I don’t really know why I felt that way. I guess because I was not used to human contact.

Well, a nice lady named Sunny came to visit me around that time and she decided to take me with her. For the first time in my life that I could remember I rode in a car. I didn’t even know what those were and it was very strange. Sunny was very kind and tried her best to gain my trust but I was just so scared! I didn’t know what was going on. She took me to a doggie doctor called a vet and they said I was in pretty good shape despite my teeth were kind of bad. After that I thought I was going back to my home in the backyard of the lady who didn’t give me a name. Nope, instead I went home with the nice lady and guess what… She gave me a name. I’m very proud to say that My Name Is Emerson!

Boy that sounds nice! She even let me in the house and I got to walk on something soft called carpet. It was strange. It wasn’t like grass at all. My new surroundings were so different and I just knew I was safe with her but still so very frightened. Everytime she picked me up I would just freeze and shake. Everytime she tried to pet me I would cringe. I don’t know why. She was just trying to show me love and I wasn’t used to that. She had other dogs there that tried to be my friend but I didn’t want to be near them.

I eventually started to trust my new mom and I would follow her around and stay by her side. At night she would put me in my little bedroom that she called a crate but I hated it. I just wanted to be with her but I got used to it and realized later on that it wasn’t so bad. After a few weeks I was making progress and started to learn to live my life. Then one day I met another nice lady. Her name is Susan. My foster mom took me over to her house to meet her. I have to say I was pretty nervous and scared when I went over there. I just didn’t know what was going on but Susan and Bill were ever so kind to me. I got to meet their other Shih Tzu Barkley too. I really didn’t want to play with him or anything. I was too concerned about everything around me. When we left Susan gave my foster mom some toys and treats for me. See, I told you she was kind

Well, Susan and Bill ended up being my new mom and dad and Barkley became my new brother. It wasn’t a good start at first just because I was so extremely terrified when they came to pick me up. I ran from them and when they finally got to pick me up I was as stiff as a board. I’m really not a bad boy. I wasn’t trying to be bad, I honestly was just so scared of everyone. It took me a while to get used to my new home and my new family but 2 years later I am one happy boy! Can you tell in my picture. I LOVE my new family and my new home! My mommy says that I’m such a good boy and as difficult as it was in the beginning for all of us, she says that she and daddy have not once regretted adopting me! That makes me feel all warm inside. OH and I just love my brother Barkley. We get along so well. I don’t know how I ever got along without him! We run and play and steal each other’s toys. I always find it fun to steal his toys when he’s not looking, hehehe. We even sleep next to eachother. Mommy says that we are cute together. I have been told many times how much I’m loved. I can’t imagine what my former life was like anymore. I rather not remember it too much. I grew up not being loved and I just thought that was normal although I felt something very wrong about it. Now I know that Everyone, Everything, Every Person, Every Single Doggie in this world deserves a chance at being loved.

Emerson 2
I know many don’t get this chance but I’m one of the lucky ones and I’m so very grateful for LoneStar, for my foster mom Sunny and for my parents Susan & Bill who took the time to show me love and happiness and how to be a dog again. I feel happy and carefree and I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world!

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