I AM A PUPPY MILL SURVIVOR! Armani & Natasha’s Story (as told by Armani)

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Armani & Natasha with girls

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Armani. My foster mom, Carmen, or as we like to call her “Mama Carmen”, asked if I would mind telling you a little bit about myself and my foster sister Natasha. I am the black and white one in the picture. Natasha is the one with her hair all done up in a ponytail. She thinks she is one little hottie. The girls holding us are Natasha’s new human siblings. They are sweet girls. Natasha is very lucky.
We are what they call “Puppy Mill Survivors.” Do you know what a Puppy Mill is? A lot of people don’t know what they are. This is why we were asked to tell you about our story so we could help others to see what a horrible place a Puppy Mill is. To be truthful it’s quite painful for me to talk about it but we know our story must be told.

Both Natasha and I came from a Puppy Mill in North Texas. A Puppy Mill is not a nice place but it’s where we called home for 2 years. For our whole lives we lived in a cage, no bigger than us. We didn’t smell very nice since we were never bathed and were not given much attention. I don’t think we have ever been petted, held or talked to. We never walked on grass or on carpet. We were not allowed to play with eachother or play with toys. We were there for a purpose and only one purpose and that was to make puppies for our owner so she could sell them and make money. It’s very selfish and cruel if you ask me. What was most sad for me was to see the little ones get taken away from their moms after they were born. I know the mama’s were very sad. Although I can’t remember as far back as being a puppy, I’m sure that is what happened with me and Natasha since neither of us knew our mom’s.

But it wasn’t just us having to live like this. There were several of us so it was quite noisy and quite stinky at times. We were lonely and starving for attention. We were itchy and always felt bad. Most of us were sick. We were very skinny too. But this is how we lived and we just dealt with it the best we could and prayed that one day things would be different. Finally that one day had arrived & our prayers were answered. It was a cool day in October 2007 when someone came and took us all away! That is when we met Mama Carmen. Boy was she a nice lady. She talked to us in such a sweet voice and tried to reassure us that we were in good hands now and that everything was going to be okay and although we didn’t know her very well, her voice reassured us that it would be just so. So began our adventure into a new life.

Mama Carmen became our foster mom. Living with Mama Carmen was different. At first we didn’t know what to think of living indoors. Walking on carpet was strange. It was soft unlike the wire on the cage floors we had lived in. It felt good on our paws. Oh and her house had so many different sounds. I mean it was quieter than our first home but she had different sounds in her house. It took me and Natasha a while to get used to the dishwasher or the telephone ringing. OH BUT WE LOVED THE GRASS! Boy oh boy was that a treat. It was weird at first walking on it since we had never walked on grass before but we just loved it! We ran and ran and rolled in the soft sweet smelling grass. Oh we felt so free. There was so much to do and so much to learn. We were curious about everything!

Mama Carmen says that I have a tender heart and she gives me plenty of hugs and kisses. I love it when she does that. She says Natasha is a comedian and she is right about that. That girl loves to show off and makes all of us smile. One of her favorite things to do was to play and that was with or without anyone else. If no one else wanted to play, she would just entertain herself with her stuffed toys. She was very outgoing and even feisty. Mama Carmen even gave her a nickname. We call her Little Firecracker! Boy isn’t that the truth.
One thing still scared the both of us and you may find this strange but we were afraid of men. I was so terribly frightened of them. I don’t really remember when I became so fearful of them or why. Even the sound of a man’s voice would send me into a panic. I would sometimes have accidents on the floor from being so afraid. I was so ashamed when that happened and I thought I would get punished for it or that my foster mom would not love me anymore but Mama Carmen was so sweet to me and she loved me none the less. Natasha was afraid too but not as bad as me. Carmen worked with both Natasha and I and she was so patient with us. I thought no matter how hard she tried both of us would not be able to overcome our fear but you know what…. We did!

It wasn’t long after living with Mama Carmen that both Natasha and I were adopted by our forever families. I went to live with my new mom and dad-Cindy & David. I was scared of my new dad at first but they didn’t give up on me! Eventually I came around and am closer than ever to my new parents. I love them so much and they are so great to me. I still get to see Mama Carmen and that makes me happy. She babysits me when mom and dad are gone. That is such a treat for me. I am finally leash trained although it took a while. I didn’t like it at first but now I know when they get the leash out, it’s time to go for a walk and I love walks! I even snatched the leash out of my mom’s hand the other day because she was taking too long. They thought it was funny although I should know better. They even let me take a hold of my brother Lance’s leash and let me walk him. I feel so grown up when they let me do that. I have one other sibling named Abby. I have a wonderful new family!
I miss Natasha though but I do get to see her some. She went to a great home with 2 little girls that love her so much. They treat her like the Princess she knows she is. I hear they dress her up in clothes and treat her like a baby. Boy I know she loves that. She has overcome her fear of men and loves her daddy Jeremy very much. Oh and she has another doggie playmate named Alexa too. I hear they are very close and even take naps together.

Well, this is our story. I know it’s rather long but there was a lot to say. Both myself and Natasha are ever grateful for the ones who came to our rescue. Our lives are now whole and even though the first 2 years were rough, we still have many many years of happiness to come.
We hope by telling our story that we can educate people on the horrors of puppy mills and maybe, just maybe help stop these horrible places from existing.

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