September 04, 2006

Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue Newsletter

I just sent out the following newsletter to our subscribers. Go HERE to read the entire thing online, but you can get the jist of it from the blog.

Newsletter starts>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Welcome to subscribers new and old,

If you’ve never received one of our newsletters before, welcome to the Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue News!!

In this little newsletter, we try to keep you up to date on the happy tails and the urgent situations that we face daily in rescue.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the happy tails and the urgent situations will encourage you to help save ONE little dog. For those of you that know the routine, as usual, we have several urgent situations here. We are trying our best to raise funds to help these little dogs.

And, just to remind you, we are a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to saving these little dogs. Our members put in approximately 50,000 hours of volunteer time last year to help save the ones we were able. But, we still cannot do it without you.We found loving homes for almost 250 little mops last year – thanks to you people!!

But now, we have an URGENT situation - there are dogs sitting at local animal control waiting for us to be able to say YES to saving their lives. But, we cannot say yes until we know funding is in good shape.

Right now, I need to schedule payments totalling $7388 for next week. YEP, that’s right, $7388. A few of the more expensive situations are chronicled below. And, we’re only expecting around $2400 in adoption fees this week, so HELP!! I really don’t want to have to leave any little fluffs in the shelters, so HELP! and HELP FAST!


First, Scottie Oaks needs surgery for his cherry eye problems.
Second, little old grumpy Shipley, one of our beloved forever fosters, had one eye rupture and we had to remove it last week.
Another little guy, Harrison Ford Christi, got into it with a cat and also lost an eye. And, Dirk Turner, a young adorable Lhasa boy that had lived in a back yard for 18 months before we got him, has heartworms and cherry eye and needs help.
Little old Mootsie, who came in a few months ago with horrible skin, ALSO had one eye erupt. ICK!!
And, finally, we were fortunate to be able to save little Caitlyn Burke’s eye – she had one spot very close to rupturing, but thanks to Dr. Parker at Stafford Oaks, her eye was saved!All together, the eye problems added up to a total bill of, drum roll, YIKES - $3750.


Second story – little Heaven Ennis. Heaven was rescued last year from a breeder in Ennis, TX. She had pyometria and of course, we removed her uterus (that’s called a spay) which at that time was an infected, oozing mess. Heaven has continued to have a high white blood cell count for months now, dropping from 70,000 to 12,000. Improvement, but still too high. Our vet in Dallas, as good as he is, is stumped. So, we’re now doing a bunch more tests and even starting her with a holistic vet to see if the inside out therapy might help. Heaven has had quite a bit of donations throughout the months, but she’s just recently incurred another $900 so this cutie needs us to help raise funds for her too. I just don’t know what else to do besides figure out what is wrong.

There are many more special things in the actual newsletter, so please check it out.