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Info about Mootsie.


  1. Mootsie's foster mom said,

    October 11, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    Mootsie, or MooterPooter as we call him is a sweet, blind old dog, no he does not poot a lot I just like the rhyme. Mootsie is a Maltese that came in very skinny with two crusty nasty looking eyes not to mention his skin!! He has made some good progress after the minor set back of having his left eye rupture and removed. When he came to my home from another foster in Dallas it was understood we needed to evaluate Mootsie to see how sick he really was and whether he was so bad we should let him go. Well he got some weight on him and by the time his eye did get really bad we were able to neuter, do a dental and he feels MUCH better! He had some teeth removed along with the eye and does not seem to be in any pain now. His skin is much better, but will be an issue for us to continue to work on with good food, vitamins and supplements. He still has the yeast infection in his ears, but the skin is so much better. If you have always wanted a Maltese, what about Mootsie??? Why not?

  2. Mootsie's foster mom said,

    December 11, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    Mootsie is a Maltese that snook his way into the Shih Tzu rescue and we are glad he did. The yeast infection he came in with has cleared up almost 100%, still has some hanging on in his ear, but that is getting better too. He has adjusted to his blindness very well and has no problem getting where he needs to in the house or yard. Mootsie is a cuddler with the other dogs. He is like a heat seeking missile when looking for a bed to nap on as he finds a bed that already has one dog on so he can cuddle with them. I have watched him pretty much scoot the other dog over till he has enough room to lay down too. Most all the dogs know he does this and tolerate it just fine. A couple are not so generous and will say no, loudly but with no pain. sometimes he will end up in the middle with two to three other dogs and you know they are all thrilled to be that way. Mootsie is only on a supplement to help with his joints and some minor arthritis. He is a very easy keeper and would love to be in a home that is his and not just for fosters. He will be welcome here till he has to go, but please keep him in mind. thank you for any help you can send the way of Mootsie or any of the other forever fosters.
    Mootsie’s foster mom

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