Meet Mims and Merlin – gorgeous tibetan terriers

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Merlin and Mims have been with us since January when we got them from the wonderful couple that cared for them after their dad died suddenly.  The family knew he would have made plans for them if he thought they would outlive him.  Have you made plans?  These two tibetan Terriers are absolutely wonderful dogs with NO, yes NO health issues that we have found.  No medications for either of them.  Merlin is a little hard of hearing but he is getting up there in age.  Mims lacks some in the sight area so they make a great pair.  They are true siblings and bonded as well.  Mims love to clean Merlin’s face and ears.  Merlin seems to enjoy it too.   Merlin likes to be loved but is a little more to himself whereas Mims loves to play and instigates play with the other dogs.  Please give them another look and open your heart to a loving bonded BEAUTIFUL pair of dogs.




  1. M&M foster mom said,

    December 11, 2006 at 11:55 am

    Merlin and Mims lost their dad a year ago at this time. They are still in their foster home and doing great. M&M are some of the most gorgeous dogs you will ever lay eyes on or touch that wonderful soft fur. They are still extremely healthy, happy and loving. Mims had a little uh oh last week by leaving the grooming table before she was told to, so has a limp on her front left leg. She had bony changes in that leg already and the jump just irritated it. She is taking pain pills for a week to help her through the worst of it. They will continue to live out their lives here unless someone sees how special these two are and how they deserve a last name of their own. They are 15 but I would not guess that looking at them. They were well taken care of by the dad that loved them. Thank you for helping Mims and Merlin have a comfy place to be while they wait to see if a new home comes in search of them.
    Mims and Merlin’s foster mom

  2. M&M foster mom said,

    December 24, 2006 at 1:41 pm

    Hello again from the M&M’s! We are still here in our foster home and doing very well. We had a party last night, we were the hit of the party with our long flowing coats and excellent manners to one and all. We continue to be healthy, happy and sweet as can be to our family. We are slowing down some, can’t walk as far or fast, but still enjoy going. Please consider us if you are looking for a pair o dogs to adopt. We are wonderful.
    Mims and her brother Merlin

  3. M&M foster mom said,

    January 18, 2007 at 12:48 pm

    Merlin and Mims are still doing very well. Merlin has lost his hearing, although a loud clap still does the trick. Mims has lost some more vision so they help each other out, one sees, one hears. Merlin likes to be independent and Mims loves to be with someone. Mims actually has fallen for our dog Tiger also from LSSTLAR. They look like mutt and Jeff together as Tiger is 9 pounds and Mims is 24 pounds, but they run and play together ever day. It is always so nice to see how dogs will always find someone they can love.

    The M&M’s will be going in for their annual checkup this month and could really use a sponsor for this. they need shots, heartworm test and possible dental. Please consider helping them out with this so they remain healthy.

  4. M&M's foster mom said,

    January 27, 2008 at 9:29 am

    Well here we are again another year with the M&M’s!!! These two are WONDERFUL dogs that just do their own thing every day. They did have a nice lady ask to see them to adopt but they are just a little too big for her to pick up at 24 lbs for Mims and 28 for Merlin. It was the right decision for her, but we had been excited to have someone ask about this pair. They are going in for their dentals, shots and a little minor surgery on Mims head to remove an UGLY wart and could us a sponsor for this. Please think about sponsoring them if you can not adopt at this time. They have been with us now for over two years. Yes they can stay here forever, but if someone perfect came along that wanted I would say goodbye with tears in my eyes. They would be part happy part sad, I would miss them, but be so happy they were wanted by someone and would be loved. Thank you for visiting.

  5. M&M's foster mom said,

    March 7, 2008 at 9:35 am

    With a heavy heart I have to say we have lost one of these beauties to acute pancreatitis this week. Mims suddenly stopped eating last weekend, when we got her to the doctor they found the pancreatitis so began iv fluid therapy. We did this for two days with no improvement at all. On Tuesday I held her in my arms as she found final peace. She was a wonderful girl that I will miss terribly. Merlin is still looking for her but seems to be in good spirits and the pack is rearranging. Please keep all these wonderful older dogs in your hearts as we never know when they will suddenly leave us.
    Mims is now running in the grass, rolling in the sun and waiting to see Merlin again. She is so missed in my heart and home.
    Julie, Mims foster mom.

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