Meet Mims and Merlin – gorgeous tibetan terriers

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Merlin and Mims have been with us since January when we got them from the wonderful couple that cared for them after their dad died suddenly.  The family knew he would have made plans for them if he thought they would outlive him.  Have you made plans?  These two tibetan Terriers are absolutely wonderful dogs with NO, yes NO health issues that we have found.  No medications for either of them.  Merlin is a little hard of hearing but he is getting up there in age.  Mims lacks some in the sight area so they make a great pair.  They are true siblings and bonded as well.  Mims love to clean Merlin’s face and ears.  Merlin seems to enjoy it too.   Merlin likes to be loved but is a little more to himself whereas Mims loves to play and instigates play with the other dogs.  Please give them another look and open your heart to a loving bonded BEAUTIFUL pair of dogs.