Meet Miss Mariah

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Mariah has made remarkably good progress since entering into our foster home. She is a wonderfully, sweet little senior (estimated between 6 and 10). She has gained weight and is now 12 pounds.   She’s the funniest little dog – she snorts like a pig when you do anything that feels good to her like loving on her or especially rubbing her ears. She has adjusted to our home and the 4 pupper dogs in that household very well and has learned to trust humans.

She loves to go for walks but sunbathing is her absolute favorite thing to do (come on summer). She has some arthritis in her back legs and her hearing is compromised so she has learned to follow the other dogs and hand signals. She is a very quiet little girl who does not require a lot of attention (but if you want to give it to her, she certainly will take it). She loves to find soft nesting places around the house and sitting on the couch watching us fix supper is just up her alley. Both my husband and I have truly enjoyed having Mariah as our foster dog.

Unfortunately little Mariah has been diagnosed with first Cushings disease and now Addison’s disease.  We have no idea how much longer she will last, but is welcome to stay here with us until the inevitable.


Mariah’s expenses have been trememdous.  Approximately $800 to date.  Thanks so much to a, b, c for their donations, but Mariah still needs over $400 to pay her vet bills.  Please CLICK HERE if you can help Mariah and want to use Paypal, or CLICK HERE to send her a check. 

Here is a listing of her expenses to date.


Additionally, we expect Mariah’s monthly expenses to be around $100.  She’s looking for about five people that can donate only $20 each month for her expenses.  If you would like to subscribe to Mariah’s monthly expenses via Paypal, CLICK HERE. If you want to send a monthly check, CLICK HERE.

Mariah says THANKS.