Kirby’s story

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A nice 11 year blonde old lhasa boy, Kirby suffers from skin problems, most likely from being outside all of his life.  It is somewhat controlled by good supplements, but with all the extra effort, he’s not the first choice on any lists

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  1. Cheryl Stanley said,

    December 25, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    I got Kirby as a foster about 2 years ago. He was 10. He basically slept in a punkin bed all day. If any of the other dogs got too close to him he growled fiercely at them. His fur did not grow all over. He had a few bald spots. Last spring I took him to be groomed and when I picked him up his skin had peeled off with the shaver in a lot of spots and left bloody spots. He started developing flaky sores all over his body and tail. I told Teresa about this and I wanted to take him in to see our regular vet. She suggested I take him to our homeopathic vet,  Dr. Cooper at Cooper Animal Clinic instead. She said she had done wonders for another foster who had skin problems. Dr. Cooper put him on about 6 different supplements. He also has bad arthritis. I took him back to see her about every 2 months. A couple of times she changed his supplements around. I was putting his supplements in those toddler chicken sticks, then he quit eating those, so I tried peanut butter, that only lasted a few days. Then I tried Velveeta. That worked for a while, then I went back to peanut butter. Then he refused that. So I gave him a few days off. This was just recently. He went back to see Dr. Cooper on Dec. 16. She said he didn’t need many of his supplements. He’s still on 2. His fur has grown in thick and full all over. When I take him to be groomed in a week or so, I don’t think his skin will peel off. But here’s the real miracle. Four of my fosters play constantly. Thursday night I was sitting at my computer and my fosters all go running by and then I see Kirby trailing after them!!!! Today, I saw him trying to play with them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He’s like a different dog. A couple of weeks ago I went to pet his head and he didn’t shirk away like I was going to hurt him. He’ll probably never be adopted, but it sure is nice to know he feels so much better and is acting like a dog again. I am so grateful to Teresa for letting me take him to Dr. Cooper and I know even though he didn’t like it, Kirby is grateful also.

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