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WAHOO! Ishmael’s Vet Bills are covered

Thanks to all of you for responding for this sweetie.  As of 1-12-2007, Ish’s vet bills are all covered!!
Big thanks to:  Chad Cody, Patricia Gilreath, Carolyne Hill, Anna Dee Lastick, Cat Matindale!!
Now to find him a forever home.  Anyone?  He is just a doll.  Apply HERE.

Ishmael had surgery

Unfortunately, we just could not wait on Ishmael’s surgery – we had to get those tumors off of him.  His surgery estimate was $450 and we desperately need help immediately to pay that charge.  Here are some pictures of his little Franken-Ish body.
Please, please don’t forget about these sweet little dogs over the holidays.
To donate [...]


In October, we noticed that Ishmael has a small tumor on his head and one on his back.  We always remove these tumors and have them evaluated for cancer – he desperately needs surgery.  He really needs help.  To date, his bills total $865, and Ishmael has received $310  in donations.
Please help Ishmael.  We need to raise $555 [...]

Ishmael Oak – severe heart murmur and tumor/mass

Read about my history at the link to the right.
Update 10-6-2006 Ishmael has developed a tumor on his head.  Thankfully, the vet thinks he is healthy enough to go through surgery now.  We need to schedule it within the next few weeks.  The cost is approximately $450 which brings the total needed in Ishmael’s fund [...]