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Ishmael Oak – severe heart murmur and tumor/mass


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Update 10-6-2006 Ishmael has developed a tumor on his head.  Thankfully, the vet thinks he is healthy enough to go through surgery now.  We need to schedule it within the next few weeks.  The cost is approximately $450 which brings the total needed in Ishmael’s fund to $830.  If you can help little Ish, and want to send a donation check, CLICK HERE.  If you’d like to do it via paypal, CLICK HERE.

3 comments to Ishmael Oak – severe heart murmur and tumor/mass

  • Peggie

    Ishmael (means God hears) is a very sweet, loving little boy. He came to us VERY sick and we were not sure he could be saved. He has not only survived but florished, he has gained weight and his coat is beautiful. He does have a heart murmur and will need to be on medication for the rest of his life. He also has dry eye and requires daily drops. He has been neutered and had a dental and did fine. He is only about 8 years old and his heart murmur is a tipical thing just like with humans and he could have many years left. He has been no trouble at all in his foster home. He gets along with his foster brothers and sisters and loves to be loved. He is a quiet little guy that likes to sit in your lap and fall asleep. His tail is up and he is a very happy boy now. If ever a guy needed a family to care about him and give him complete love and devotion for the rest of his life it’s this little guy.

  • Peggie

    Ishmael is such a little survivor. He is doing great after having 3 moles removed. What he needs now more than anything is a lap to call his own. We love him very much and he has a home here as long as he needs it but he would do so much better in a home with less lap competition. He is not an extremely active dog but he is has a very cute, sweet personality and will give lots of love and devotion to some lucky family.

  • Peggie

    Ishmael has found his forever home. He was adopted by a wonderful lady that was not the least bit concerned that he was 9 years old and has a heart murmur. She fell in love with the sweet little boy he is and wants to share her life with him. They are very happy together and his foster mom still gets to visit and groom him. I know a lot of people worry about not out living an older dog or the pain of losing one but as a foster of older dogs (and loving it) I can tell you the rewards of giving these dogs a home and receiving their love and companionship makes it worth it. Knowing that the last years or months of their lives was spent happy, loved and well cared for is what it’s really all about.

    Thank you to everyone that responded to Ishy’s medical needs, it means a lot to me and his new mommy to know that there are people willing to help deserving dogs like Ish. He is doing great!!!

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