Juicy Lu Tzu desperately needs surgery!!

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This adorable little came to us last month as an “easy” owner turn in.  Easy because she was really, really cute, has a great personality, is loving and a true lap dog AND not ancient!!

Unfortunately, we found that she has some serious problems, the biggest right now is that she has a large fluid-filled mass on her liver and desperately needs surgery to remove the mass before it bursts.  We did a lot of diagnostics on her to try to determine with out surgery what the you-know-what was in the mass, but the diagnostician did not dare puncture it for fear it contained some sort of infection.  So, she’s here in Houston waiting to go into surgery with Dr. Heidi Hottinger, one of the best soft tissue surgeons in the state.  Juicy Lu also has Cushings disease, but is in the very early stage – with no outward signs yet.  We’re in a race against time though, we have to get that mass out before her body starts showing the signs of Cushings and then once she’s healed, we will start the lysodren treatment.

Juicy Lu’s total surgery is expected to be approx $3600 and is very complicated. PLEASE PLEASE HELP HER.  I would really like to get her into surgery this week!!!

PLEASE DONATE FOR JUICY LU HERE.  OR if you can send a check, please tell us so HERE.  Be sure to put “Juicy Lu” on the form.

PLEASE help us help her fast!!  To date, we’ve already raised $ 740 .  Thanks and hugs to:

Barnum, Wendy
Connolly, Christine
Detwiler, Barbara
Fur Kids
Gerstley, Kristin
Howard, Martin
Hutchinson, Christine
Leazure, Lynda


And just a reminder, Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue is a 501c3, 100% volunteer organization.  With your help, we rescued and adopte out almost 200 little dogs in 2006!!  Help us make Juicy Lu whole so she can also be one of the lucky ones and find a forever home!

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