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The mission of our rescue is to rescue those that no one else will take a chance on.  Consequently, we take in a lot of ill and injured dogs and are constantly running fundraising campaigns so that we can continue to help these little dogs.   We get no funding from the govenment nor any large grants.  We do not have a highly-recognizable name, like the ASPCA or Houston SPCA or the Houston Humane Society, and consequently, have no other avenue to help these dogs but to come to the public for financial help.

We are very lucky.  Our volunteers were able to find new homes for 248 dogs in 2005 and donated over 50,000 hours in volunteer time to help these dogs. 

This page is a table of contents for the dogs that currently need medical help.  Once enough funding is obtained for their medical expenses and they have their procedures, they will be moved down to the bottom section.  We will continue to maintain the blog for each of these dogs so that you can always check on their stories. 

Please feel free to post messages to the foster parents or just any comments about the dogs.  If you donated for their care, please post a good wish for them.  If you get an invalid page, please be patient, we’re working on that page now.


Gomez Turner – poor baby has something going on with his liver.  Help us find out what!!  Contribute via Paypal HERE FOR GOMEZ TURNER.  Or if you’d like to send him a check, go HERE.

Ishmael Oak – this is another little guy that we thought we might lose.  But, he is strong.  He has a mass on his head – we had delayed surgery until he was strong enough to go through anesthesia.  Now, he’s ready.  The estimate to excise the mass and obtain a pathology report on it is $450.  Please think of this little boy.  Click HERE to donate to Ish’s fund through paypal or HERE to mail a check donation.

Zsa Zsa Ranger – very nice, very little shih tzu female somehow escaped from a breeding situation.  Full of heartworms and just about every other type of worm, and with horrible, outdoor-dog skin, Zsa Zsa underwent heartworm treatment in July 2006 and was on her way to being adopted.  Right after her spay, though, she came down with a condition called “stump pyometria” and had to have a second emergency surgery to removed the massively infected uterine stump.  Her funding needs are only $350.  Please consider donating for her.  Click HERE to donate via paypal or HERE to send a donation check.

Choco Davis – picked up from the HSPCA with heartworms, Choco needs heartworm treatment.  We have recently moved to the slow, split treatment for heartworms, at the recommendation of our vets and the American Heartworm Society, so the cost has risen.  We feel that this approach is much safer for small dogs.  His funding needs are $450.  Please click HERE to donate to Choco’s heartworm treatment through paypal or HERE to send a check.

Angelina Jolie Ranger - found as a stray in a Dallas suburb, this little elderly girl had a lot of problems – cherry eye, mammary tumors and just general bad health.  Her foster mom has nursed her to health but her bills were enormous.  Over $800.  Sweet Angelina should some day be as gorgeous as her philanthropic actress namesake, but she needs your help now!!  Please CLICK here to donate for Angelina’s vet bills via Paypal or HERE to send a check. 

Dwayne Harris – sweet little shih tzu boy picked up from the local county shelter.  Heartworm positive – he needs immiticide treatment.  We are now opting for the American Heartworm Society’s recommended slow approach for our small dogs – this increases the cost a bit, but should be much more safe for the dogs.  Dwayne needs $450.  Please CLICK here to donate for Angelina’s vet bills via Paypal or HERE to send a check. 

Heaven Ennis – adorable little girl, rescued from one of the nastiest Texas shih tzu breeders around.  For a year, we’ve struggled with determining Heaven’s medical problems.  Consequently, she has incurred enormous medical expenses. 

Alfie Turner – this sweet little guy cannot catch a break.  We’ve just had it confirmed that he has prostate cancer.  We will just keep him and support him in the program as long as he feels good.  He has incurred a lot of expenses recently and would be appreciative if you could read his story and contribute to his fund.

Grant Davis – Heartworm Treatment

Harold Rothchild Ranger – Heartworm treatment and demodex – $650

Arabelle Harris – heartworm treatment.


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