Gomez’s surgery update

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Gomez had surgery yesterday to remove a large tumor from his liver. 

Note from his foster mom……The doctor said the tumor was as large as an orange and was attached to the diaphram at one point and the surgery was tricky, but she thinks she got it all. There was another nodule on the liver, which she removed and sent for biopsy and which will tell the story of his future, but all other organs looked fine. He is on  IV and resting, but they will watch for bleeding and I can call this evening to check on him. He should be able to come home Wednesday if all goes well. Say a  prayer for the little guy and his foster Mom..

THANKS to you all who made it happen for this sweet little boy.

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  1. Cat said,

    November 8, 2006 at 5:47 pm

    Any news? I’ve been praying and hugging my boys for Gomez! Please kee us updated. Good thoughts and lots of love from me and my boys! Cat

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