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Dr Franks received the biopsy report and it shows the tumor is benign and the nodule was just a piece of the liver-I can’t remember what she called it. I asked why the original vet’s report said it was carcinoma and she said that it was such a small sample from the ultrasound that it may be they just hit a cell and a few years down the road it may appear again, but the report she received was on the whole tumor and that should be more conclusive. She said she doesn’t know how fast it was growing and that 4 months ago if it was smaller she maybe could have gotten it all where now she got as much as she could, but some remained because it was so tricky. He is doing well, but not eating much yet and having trouble defecating, but his system is still trying to get back to normal. The incision looks good and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I can’t wait to see his liittle tail wagging.


Gomez’s surgery update

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Gomez had surgery yesterday to remove a large tumor from his liver. 

Note from his foster mom……The doctor said the tumor was as large as an orange and was attached to the diaphram at one point and the surgery was tricky, but she thinks she got it all. There was another nodule on the liver, which she removed and sent for biopsy and which will tell the story of his future, but all other organs looked fine. He is on  IV and resting, but they will watch for bleeding and I can call this evening to check on him. He should be able to come home Wednesday if all goes well. Say a  prayer for the little guy and his foster Mom..

THANKS to you all who made it happen for this sweet little boy.



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Again, you all came through for a needy little tzu boy.  We have enough as of 11:25 pm Thursday to know that the surgery can go forward Monday!!!

No more donations needed at the moment!

Huge thanks to the following additional people, who pulled him over the finish line…

Donna Glickman, Donna Ferris, Susan Gierson, Kay Avery, Tricia Havis, Joanna Laake, Susan Lewis, Deinse Bailey, Marilyn Radler, Barbara Grabell, Barbara Detweiler, Sharon Lisk, Mary Glenda Hart, Barbara Avallon, Donna Wilt, Maureen Skarzynski.


Matching fund challenge countdown!!

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Thanks to a great anonymous donor, we only have to raise $450 for Gomez today and the anonymous donor will match the amount. 

So, here is the countdown….

As of 10:00 am November 2, 2006, we have $185

Gomez thanks…

Rebecca Ring, Suzanne Saunders, Linda Harrington, Joan Samara, Anna Dee Lastick, Pam Glass, Patty Fulenwider, Victor Bosquez

No donation is too small, many of our targets are made up of $5, $10, $25 donations.