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Gomez just got the news from the veterinary surgical center in Dallas – his mass is operable.  The surgeon reviewed all of his tests, x-rays and the ultrasound and has determine that it is located in a place that makes it very operable.  She even stated that she’s done several of these before.

She also thinks that it is possible that the “tumor” is a massive infection in the liver and that surgery may remove the problem.  There is still a possibility that the tumor is cancer, so we’ll have to send it off to be analyzed, but she’s at least given us hope.

The estimate is $1800-$2200 so we are now doing a huge fundraiser for Gomez.  Please spread the word – he is adorable, he is sweet and he has had such a horrible few years that he NEEDS to know that we are behind him.   They wanted to schedule the surgery for tomorrow, but we need a few days to raise the money – we’d like to schedule it for this week, regardless, but need to know that we can pay for it.  Update – Wednesday 11-1-2006.  We’ve rescheduled Gomez’s surgery to Monday.  I’m hoping not to have to push it much more!!

Please go HERE to donate via paypal.

Keep watching this page for donation updates.

As of 9:30 pm CST, Wednesday, November 1, Gomez has received $1285 in donations from the following people…

Lena Hardee, Kara Saenz, Jean Smith, Carol Mahler, Amanda Jackson, Odean Cusak, Jean Day, Pamm Banduric, Cat Martindale, Tanya Straka, Peter Nagel, Rick Brezik, Furkids, Ginger Guest-Warnick, Ja Schleimer, Nancy Croft, Dana Woodruff, Joyce Ycasas, Davis Arnette, Christine Connolly, Rebecca Barrett, Margaret Lubke, Maureen Skarzynski, Roxanne McInerney, Darlene Keisler, Max Pachar, Janet Taylor, Doug and Sallie Cameron, Melissa Leibowitz, Lori Ugolik in memory of Muffin Ugolik, Pam Glass, Christine Hutchison, Rebecca Morgan, Toni Hill, Amy Branaman, Rosemary Cody, Cheryl Smith, Juanita Smith.

Half way there!!! 



Gomez Turner – liver problem

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The call was one we always dread – “Teresa, I’m at the vet with Gomez.  He collapsed last night and I took him to the emergency room.  They say something is wrong with his liver.  What do I do?” 

Sweet little Gomez has very high readings in his liver values – we don’t know yet what it means.  Hopefully something correctable, but it may be a tumor in his liver.   We cannot do anything until we figure out what it is.  TODAY, Thursday, Gomez needs an ultrasound and a biopsy of some of the liver tissue.  Please please help him!  Please go HERE to donate to Gomez via paypal or HERE to send him a check.

Update Saturday 6:00pm.  Thanks to Mike, Brandy, Traci, Anty Barb, Fur Kids from Canada, Marianne, Rebecca, Cat, Katrin, Tresa, Ginger, Maureen, Marleigh, Cynthia, Lori, Robin, Diana, Pamm, Helen, Susan B., Donna G. and Jean, Gomez has what he needs for his diagnostic tests!!

Keep checking this page for updates!! 



(and Gomez and his grateful foster mom, Joan)

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