Chemo Day One

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Ginger handled her first day of Chemo quite well.  By this morning, I swear I could feel smaller nodes in her neck.  By mid afternoon, the nodes were significantly softer and not as well defined as before.

Today was “spa” day for her – she and her “siblings” all go for a bath and trim on Tuesdays and today was just like normal.  I called the groomer and ask if I could pick her up early so that I could watch her.  Marlita called at 9:30 to say she was done, so I went to get her.  Of course, on the way home, she threw up her breakfast in the car – all over the front seat.  Oh well.

Once home, everything seemed normal. 

I still don’t know what the biopsy will show.  But, regardless, we’ll make the best of whatever we have.  She’s strong otherwise and I’m hopeful for at least another good year.

She’s such a sweet dog. 

Love you Ginger.

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