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My name is Warren and I am one lucky little dog. I am a 2 year old Shih Tzu boy. Here’s a picture of me when I first came into Lone Star.

Warren 1

You can see I looked pretty bad. I had Demodex mange and was VERY uncomfortable. My legs were totally red and swollen from the mites and I had big sores on my body that were so itchy I kept scratching and scratching and scratching. I also scratched my eyes and got an infection in them and they were swollen shut. To make matters worse, when I could open my eyes a bit, my foster mom discovered that I had a ruptured eye. I consider myself very lucky that I did not lose it. But the GREAT news is that I have full vision in both eyes, I’m clear of the mange, I’m not scratching, and I am handsome, handsome, handsome. Here’s a picture of me now, surrounded by all my treasures! Can you see how happy I am?

Warren 2

When I first came to Lone Star I was sick, confused, withdrawn and very sad. I spent most of my day in my crate sleeping. But once I realized that my foster family loved me, that my life was getting better and better each day, and that I had TOYS OF MY OWN, I started to come out of my shell. I am one happy little guy who now will give you lots of kisses and affection. And I love to play, play, and play. I also love that I have other dogs in my house and I just think everyone should be my friend. My favorite thing to do is to take all the toys from my toy box, one by one and put them on the couch. If anyone is looking for a toy, they look on the couch first as that’s where they will most likely be. I think it is great fun that my foster mom puts all the toys back in the toy box so I can take them out again. What a fabulous game that is!

My foster mom will be happy to tell you more about me. You can email her at sherry352@sbcglobal.net. You can also check out my Petfinder page for even more information. Please think about me! I need my very own forever family and my very own forever home.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.



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My name is Mosby Harris and I am a 5-6 year old Lhasa Apso. I have a beautiful brown, red and white coat. I am what my foster family calls a LOVE bug. I LOVE to sit in your lap, I LOVE to curl up for a snooze in something soft that I find on the floor. It could even be someone’s clothes rather than a pillow!!

Mosby 1

I LOVE getting my hair brushed and will shake my back leg when you find a good brushing spot. I LOVE going for walks and usually bring back a memento like a twig, or a stick or a fern. I don’t carry those home – they somehow get stuck in my hair! I also LOVE classical music and prefer the radio on at night when I go to sleep.

I would LOVE to find a family who understands the Lhasa personality. I would do best in a home without children as I am pretty friendly, but might get a little grumpy with new people and other dogs. Basically, I LOVE my home, I LOVE my foster family and I would LOVE to find my forever homewith my very ownh forever family. Please let that be with you!!

Check out my Petfinder page and contact my foster parents at
soveryfluffy@gmail.com if you might be interested in me. You will find out that I’m definitely worth it! And, guess what? I even have my very own webpage for you to check out. Please take a look there too! http://mosbyneedsaforeverhome.shutterfly.com

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.