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Hello out there!!!  My name is Amy and I just can’t figure out why I am still here!  I have been in foster care waaaaay to long and I am definitely ready for my forever home.  I am a 3 year old, 15 pound brindle and white Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix.  And, by the way, I am VERY cute!!!
Since I have been with my current foster mom and dad, I have become a healthy and happy little girl.  I had a skin condition that made me very itchy and a bit on the grumpy side.  That problem has been cleared up and now I am proud to say that I am itch free and WOW, does that ever feel great!!!

I love my foster parents very much and prefer the company of humans rather than other dogs.  My ideal forever home would be where I could be the only princess.  I have foster siblings now and they are OK and I know that for the time being we all need to be together.  I would just prefer to be an only dog getting all your love and attention. 

My favorite thing to do is to play.  I will chase any toy that is thrown to me and sometimes I will bring it back.  I am finally figuring out that if I bring it back, it will be thrown again and the game can continue!  I also love to go on walks.  My foster parents have taught me to walk on a leash and I do it very well.  It’s exciting for me to see new things and smell new smells.  I know I said my favorite thing is to play, but it really is to have my ears rubbed and to be petted by my foster parents.  I am a little love-bug at heart and I definitely enjoy a good “pet” any time I can get it.

I am really a good little girl.  I am housebroken and know how to use a doggie door.  I promise that if you bring me into your family as your little princess you won’t be disappointed.  I have my very own Petfinder page so you can learn even more about me.  But, the best thing to do would be to contact my foster mom at karenluvspups@gmail.com.  She knows how special I am and what a great addition I would be to a family.  And, she would be more than happy to tell you all about me.  Please email her!!!!

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.


BENTLEY BEXAR – I’ve Been Adopted!!

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Hello!!!  My name is Bentley Bexar and I am one sweet and loving guy!  I am a 9 year old Lhasa Apso who has had quite an experience.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  My first family did not want me anymore, so they took me to a local animal shelter.  Luckily the WONDERFUL volunteers at Lone Star found me there and rescued me.  They discovered that I had heartworm, so I have been undergoing treatment the past few months.  That was not easy for me.  When I was getting the treatment I had to be quiet and rest most of the day IN MY CRATE.  Bummers.  Now that I am heartworm free I can run and play!  I may be 9 years old, but I act much younger.  And, since I’m no longer confined I can explore my surroundings and just enjoy life.

I have problems with my eyes and need to have daily eye drops.  I am almost blind, but that doesn’t stop me.  I know my way around my foster home, where my foster mom is (especially around feeding time) and I love to play with my foster brothers.  I have no other physical problems, in fact I am one healthy happy little guy!!

Even though I had a rough beginning, I now know how lucky I am and I am ever so grateful.  I love my foster family, but I would really love to love my very own forever family.  I promise that I will be your faithful companion and be by your side.  If you think I might be just the perfect addition to your family, please contact my foster mom at Memegpaul@aol.com.  She will tell you what a wonderful little guy I am.  I also have my very own Petfinder page now!  Check it out for even more information about me.

I am altered, up to date on all shots and heartworm negative.


ALESSANDRO – I Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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Hi!  My name is Allesandro and I am still up for adoption.  I just thought you should know that!  Could you be that special family for me?  Here’s my original story that was featured in April.  Please contact my foster mom about me. I really want a family to love and a home to be happy in for the rest of my life.


Ciao!  (That’s hello in Italian, just in case you didn’t know).  My name is Allesandro and I am a 3 year old, 16 pound, Lhasa Apso with a very Italian name!!!   I am a shy and quiet young lad, but once I get to know you I am very friendly, sweet, and happy!!!


I enjoy my foster brothers and sisters and I get along with them well.  I play a little with them outside, but if it’s nice out you can find me basking in the sunlight on the grass or the patio.  My most favorite thing to do is follow my foster mom around the house, yard, wherever.  She talks to me all the time and I love it when she pays attention to me.  I especially like it when she takes me on a walk with her.  I also LOVE to eat and I would eat everything in sight if my foster mom let me.  She gives me apple and carrot slices as treats so I can keep my handsome physique.


I have seizures sometimes, but I take medicine every day to control them so I do not have them very often.  I am also working on house-training and rarely have an accident.  I am getting better and better each day and I’m quite proud of my progress.


I would love to find a forever family of my own with someone to take care of me and love me.  I enjoy living with my foster family, but I know there is a special someone waiting for me.  Please contact my foster mom at myheartisdixie@yahoo.com .  She can tell you lots more about me.  Also, please take a look at my Petfinder page for even more information and pictures.


I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.


Arrivederci and I hope to hear from you soon!