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My name is Hiram and I am considered to be a true “Southern Gentleman” by my foster mom and the other Volunteers at Lone Star.  I am a 4 year old blond and white Lhasa Apso boy who is genteel, quiet, and very polite (that’s the Southern Gentleman part).  I would love to sit by your side, or in your lap, and give you kisses just like Rhett Butler gave to Scarlett O’Hara.   I like other dogs and play well with them, but if I could be your “one and only” that would suit me just fine. 

When it’s feeding time I get very excited and that’s probably the only time you will see me not laid back, genteel, and polite.  I have to say, I LOVE FOOD!!!   I also love to go on walks and am very good on a leash.  And, by the way, I have exceptional potty manners.  All in all, I am a real sweetie and consider myself to be quite the catch for my forever family. 

I did have heartworm when I first came into foster care.  I have finished my treatment and am happy to say that I am heartworm free and am now very healthy!  I am definitely ready for someone to love and to love me in return. 

If you think I could fit into your family please contact my foster mom at sherry352@sbcglobal.net. She would be happy to tell you more about me.  Also, please take a look at my Petfinder page.  There are more pictures of me there and you can see what a handsome lad I am.

I am altered, up to date on all shots, heartworm negative (YAY!!!) and microchipped.



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  Blitzen B 20080314.jpg

My name is Blitzen and I am a 12 pound, tall and lanky, Lhasa Apso boy with brown and white hair.  My hair should be long, but my puppy cut that you see in my picture is a lot easier for my foster mom to take care of.  My hair is very soft and silky and personally I think I would look quite handsome if it were longer, but I understand it’s a lot harder to take care of – especially since I am such an active boy.

I know my Petfinder write-up says that I am 2 years old, but I still act like a young pup because all I want to do is play, play, play.  I will play with other dogs, people, more dogs, and more people.  I just don’t seem to tire of playing.  My problem is that some of my foster brothers and sisters are older than I am and they don’t appreciate playtime quite as much as I do.  Don’t get me wrong, they like to play, but just not as long as I do.  I think another young active dog in my forever home would be just perfect.  No small children please as I might be too active for them!!!

I also love attention from anyone who is willing to give it to me.  I particularly like to sit in my foster mom’s (or anyone else’s) lap.  However, after a few minutes of that, I’m ready to play again!!  I will also give slurpy big kisses and I will even “sit” on command as long as there’s a treat involved!  I’m quite good when my foster mom takes me for a ride in the car.  I’m not completely housebroken yet, but I am working on it and getting better and better each day!

If you want a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, little guy in your life, please contact my foster mom at sherry352@sbcglobal.net.  She will be happy to tell you all about me.  Also, please check out my Petfinder page for even more information.

I am altered, up-to-date on my shots, and am heartworm negative.






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Bill Bailey A 200803142.jpg

My name is Bill Bailey and I am an 18 pound, 5-6 year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix.  As you can see by my picture, I have a beautiful white coat.  I’ve been with the folks at Lone Star for a little while now and I am definitely ready to find my forever home.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be with people.  I always want to be wherever my foster mom is and I am happiest sitting in her lap.  I particularly like her feet and may even have a bit of a foot fetish!  I will chase my foster mom if she happens to be barefooted.  I like to gently nip at her toes once I get to them.  Mom says it doesn’t hurt at all and it kind of tickles!!  Then she laughs and lets me play with her toes.  I hope that my forever mom and dad won’t mind me playing with their toes too!!

I get along with some dogs but I REALLY would like to be the ONLY dog so I can get all of your attention.  I would prefer not to have young children around (16 years and older only please) as young children might not understand how I like to play with bare feet!!  I definitely need a forever mom and/or dad who understands that I have a little bit of a Lhasa Apso attitude, so they really need to be the boss.

I have dry eye and do require eye drops daily for this condition.  I also have mild glaucoma in one eye that requires medicine.  I have had some allergy issues in the past, but with high quality food and supplements, these problems have gone away. 

Please check out my Petfinder page for more information about me.  I’d also love it if you would email my foster mom at teresa@shihtzu-rescue.com .  She and the rest of the family would be happy to tell you what a wonderful little guy I am and how much I deserve to find my forever home. 

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots, am heartworm negative and microchipped.






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My name is Pinocchio and I am a Lhasa Apso/Dandie Dinmont Terrier Mix.  I was the featured Fluff of the Week back in June, 2007 and I was mentioned again in a special FOTW column January 1, 2008.  The problem is, I’m still in my foster home and I am just not sure why!!  I am a very good boy and I REALLY would like to find my forever home.  Let me tell you a bit about myself again.

I am about 4 years old and I weigh about 18 pounds.  I think my foster mom named me Pinocchio because I have quite the long nose.  Better to sniff things with if I do say so myself!!  I can sniff-out my foster siblings left-over chew bones in nothing flat!!   My tongue hangs out a bit as I have an overbite.  My foster mom says that my cute little tongue AND my long eyelashes, make me quite the handsome lad.  She also says that I am very sweet and that’s definitely a plus!!

I am very playful and I love any attention that comes my way.  I’m a little bit territorial, but I manage to keep myself in line quite nicely.  I need to be in a home where I am not the top dog.  Leadership can go to my head and that can sometimes be a problem!!

I have a beautiful coat which my foster mom keeps short because it is easy for her to take care of.  I have what’s called a Dandie Dinmont haircut and my foster mom says it suits me to a T.  I have a lot of characteristics of a Dandie Dinmont, but I also have what’s called “Lhasitude”.  I definitely have the Lhasa Apso sense of humor mixed with the Dandie Dinmont sense of duty.  I want to make sure that my family is always protected – especially from CATS!!!  It would probably be best if my forever home did not have any of “those” around.

I will follow my foster mom wherever she goes and I love to curl up next to her when she is relaxing.  I just want to be around my people.  I would love a forever home where there would just be someone to love.  Older children would be great too and other dogs as I do get along well with my foster brothers and sisters.  My foster mom says that I am very good and that I would not disappoint my new forever family.  I am housetrained and I also really enjoy riding in the car. 

If you would like more information about me, please contact my foster mom at rymm2006@gmail.com.  You can also look at my Petfinder page.  Please consider me to be part of your family.  I would love to make you happy.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots, heartworm negative, and microchipped.




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New Hutch.jpg

Hello out there!  My name is Hutch and I am a gray and white Shih Tzu boy.  I am young, maybe about 1-2 years old.   The volunteers at Lone Star found me at the local animal shelter and took me home with them.  I looked quite the mess because I had been living outside.  I had been dropped off at the shelter because my first family was moving and they could not take me with them.  I am REALLY glad that the volunteers at Lone Star found me because my life as a foster dog is ever-so-good and ever-so-much better than my previous life!!!  It’s definitely much better to live inside rather than outside, that’s for sure!!!Because I was living outside I was not housebroken when I came into foster care.  I have to learn new potty manners now that I am an insider.  My foster mom says that I am getting better and better each day.  But I do appreciate it when she tells me it’s time to go outside! 

I would love to be an only dog in my forever home so that I could get all the attention I deserve.  I like my foster siblings OK, but I just prefer to get ALL the attention and not share it with them.  If there happened to be another dog in my forever home, he or she would need to know that I’m in charge!!!  Also, no small children please as they move a little quickly for me and scare me a bit.

I love to play and have found that toys are GREAT!!  I would play with my squeaky toys all day if I could.  I particularly like my toy hamburger and will carry it with me all over the house and yard.  If one of my foster siblings somehow gets it away from me, I WILL get it back!  I also love to take walks with my foster mom and I’m learning how to play fetch.  But the very best thing is that I live inside the house with my foster family.  I like to go outside and play and watch the squirrels, but I LOVE living inside and even sleeping right next to my foster mom at night.  What a life! 

Please consider me if you are looking for a new family member as I need a forever family to love.  If you would like more information about me, please look at my Petfinder page.  You could also contact my foster mom at mh@cableone.net.  She would be happy to tell you what a fine fellow I am.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.