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My name is Oscar and I am a Lhasa Apso/Tibetan Terrier Mix.  I am middle-aged at 8-9 years.  I am about 30 pounds right now, and am currently on a diet to lose some weight.  I had to stay quiet and calm because I had heartworm, and that meant no running or playing, so I got a little chunky.   Even though I am a bit portly, I still am quite the handsome dude! 

Now that my treatment is over and I am heartworm free, I LOVE to run in the backyard with my foster brothers and sisters and I also LOVE to go on walks.  I am blind in my right eye, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  I just have to make sure that when I’m on my walk, I stay close to my foster mom so that I don’t trip over the curb, or accidentally walk into someone or something I shouldn’t!!  When my foster mom plays fetch with me, she makes sure that I see the ball before she throws it so I know where to run and get it.

My foster mom says that to know me is to love me and she affectionately calls me her gentle giant.  I am very sweet and gentle and I love everyone and everything.  I don’t bark and I am perfectly housebroken.  I love to chew on my rope toys and I also love to carry a stuffed toy around the house.  I am also very good and patient when my foster mom cleanses my eyes and puts my eye drops in.  In fact I’m so good I get a little treat every time as my reward.  When it’s time for me to go to bed at night I settle on my little bed and I’m good until the morning.  I think I am just the perfect dog!

I would love to find my forever home.  My ideal family would not have young children, but older children to play with would be great.  I would also be happy just hanging out with a single person, a couple, or a senior citizen.  I just need someone to love me, give me the attention that I deserve, take me on walks, and play with me.  I promise I will love you in return.

If you think I could fit into your family, please contact my foster mom at mada51@sbcglobal.net.  You can also check out my Petfinder page to learn a bit more about me.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots, and am heartworm negative.




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My name is Jazzy and I am the most adorable Lhasa Apso girl you will ever meet. I am about 4-5 years old and I weigh 20 pounds.  I was so lucky that Becky saw me at the local shelter.  You see, I was scheduled to be put to sleep that very day.  But when Becky saw the pleading look in my eyes and my wagging tail, she just knew there was a wonderful dog to be saved.   I was quite the mess, but she saw through all of that and now I am a very cute girl if I must say so myself!!

I had an assortment of problems when I first came into foster care, but the most serious was heartworm.  My first foster mom, Patricia, helped me through that hard time.   I had to be crated during my treatment and needed to rest and be quiet.  It was hard for me, but I never cried or whined.  I knew it was all for the best.  Finally, after my treatment was complete and I was free of the heartworms, I was able to roam freely, play, and enjoy my new found life.

I have a typical Lhasa personality, so I will need someone who understands that I am not the boss.  I will play with my foster brothers and sisters, but I would be OK as an only dog.  I would like a family with no young children.  Older children are OK as they would understand my Lhasa-personality.  If someone comes to the door I will bark, but once I see who has come to visit, I am very friendly.

I really like to go on walks and on car rides.  I am perfectly house-trained and I know how to use a doggie-door. I prefer to play with soft plush toys and sometimes even take the insides out!  BUT, my most favorite thing is to get lots of loving, belly-rubs, and pets from anyone who is willing to give me attention.  I’ll even do a little dance to make you pay attention to me.  I stand on my hind legs and put my front paws together and make little circles with them.  It’s quite cute and gets everyone’s attention.  And, in return, you will get lots of kisses and cuddles from me in appreciation of all that attention!

If you are interested in letting me be a part of your family, please contact my foster mom at sunylg@aol.com.  You can check out my Petfinder Page and learn a bit more about me.  There is also a special video on the Petfinder page that shows what a great dog I am.   Look at the top of my picture where it says WATCH VIDEO, click on it, and enjoy!!!  I promise that if you bring me into your family you will not be disappointed.   I will be your forever friend.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.



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Our names are Chevy and Beamer and we are Shih Tzu brothers.  Chevy is dark gray with some brown and Beamer is tan with white.  We are about 2-3 years old and are very bonded so we would love to find a forever home that will take us both.  We were abandoned in an apartment when our owner moved and we looked and felt terrible.  We were at the local shelter when our foster mom found us.  We had fleas, our coats were matted, and we had patches of hair missing.  We had sores from scratching and our nails were very long.  We hadn’t been taken care of for a very long time.  We were SOOOO lucky to be rescued by our foster mom who is a mobile groomer.  It took her over four hours to shave us, wash us, and make us comfortable and presentable.  While she was grooming us all we did was give her kisses.  We were so grateful that she was taking care of us. 

We love one another very much and love to romp and play together.  We have lots of toys in our foster home and we play with every one of them!  Mom is teaching us new things every day and we are learning what is “ours” to play with and what is “theirs” that we can’t have!   We also LOVE to eat and now that we are on healthy dog food we are thriving. 
Beamer needs to be in the middle of everything and particularly likes to help Mom tie and untie her shoes.  He also likes to be right there when Mom is working on the computer, reading, or taking a nap.  Chevy is a little more laid back and is a great snuggler.  He loves to be close to his foster mom and has the cutest way of standing on his hind legs with his front legs straight up so that he can be held. 

We are both very loving and sweet and we know that we could capture your heart.  We get along great with our foster brothers and sisters and anyone else who might happen to come along.  We are learning housebreaking and are now able to use the dog door.   We still have lots of puppy in us, so we will need a forever home with a family to give us some structure and continued training to help us be good Shih Tzu boys.

If you think you might be interested in adopting us, please contact our foster Mom at coris-angels@sbcglobal.net.  You can also check out our Petfinder Page for more information.  We promise we won’t disappoint you!

We are altered, up-to-date on all our shots, microchipped, and are heartworm negative.   




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My name is Smitty and I am the CUTEST black, brown, and white shih tzu you have ever seen!  I am about 1 ½ years old and I weigh 14 pounds.  I came into foster care with my brother Zipper, but we had to go to different foster homes in different cities.  In the beginning I missed Zipper a lot.   I was a bit afraid of things and a little shy with strangers.   BUT I have three great foster siblings, a wonderful foster mom, and I am now a member of the family and I am getting more and more confident each day!  I do need a forever home though, to give me the stability I need. Zipper found his forever home just this week and I know my turn will be coming soon.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I love to play with the other dogs.  My favorite game is to chase and run with my foster sister Daisy.  We get really tired from running round and round racing in the Shih Tzu 500!  We run around outside and even run inside, going from the front of the house to the back of the house, under the bed and out, then back again for another round before we wear ourselves out.  In my forever home it sure would be nice to have another dog to romp with, but I think I would do just fine as an only dog too.  I might like older children to play with also as I can probably run with the best of them!

I do have a quiet side and I don’t want you to think I’m all play and no snuggling.  I like to lay on the couch at night with my foster mom and I love to snuggle with her.  I stand in line with the other dogs to give my foster mom kisses and get cuddles.  Mom rubs my belly and I really like that a lot.  Shih Tzu belly rubs are a good thing!!

I am learning my manners and my foster mom says that I am getting better and better each day.  In my former life my brother and I were pretty much neglected, so we didn’t learn how to be good Shih Tzus.  Mom is teaching me about housebreaking and now I will let her know when I need to go outside.  BUT, sometimes when I get outside I might see a squirrel, or get distracted by the other dogs and I forget what I went outside for!  Mom watches me to make sure I am a good boy and gives me lots of praise when I am.  I also am learning how to ride in a car strapped into a doggie seatbelt.  At first I didn’t like it and would wiggle out, but I have learned that I need to be “buckled-up” and I now sit patiently during car rides.  I have even learned how to wait my turn when all of us are getting treats.

Please contact my foster mom at parsley@tamu.edu if you think I would fit into your family.  Also, check out my Petfinder Page for more information on me.  I promise to love you, give you cuddles and kisses and be the best little Shih Tzu boy ever.  I could even teach you how to run the Shih Tzu 500!

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.

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My name is Caneo and I am a 15 pound, 3 (or so) year old Lhasa Apso boy.  I was found in Louisiana, running around in a sugar cane field.  I was all matted, dirty, and very scared of everyone.  Luckily I was rescued by some wonderful folks who took me home, gave me a bath, groomed me, and have taken very good care of me ever since.   My pictures show me the day I was rescued and how I look now.  I am quite the handsome lad if I must say so myself!!

I love to play with the other dogs in my foster home and I like the cats that live there too.  But, if you have cats in your home, and you might be interested in me, make sure the cats like to play as I will run and chase them FOREVER!!  Also, I get a little rambunctious with the other dogs, so I would be best in a home that has dogs that are at least as big and as playful as I am.

I like people, but in typical Lhasa fashion, it will take me a couple of minutes to warm up to you.  Once I know you, I will be your friend for a long time to come.  I am a bit protective of my foster home and my foster mom, and I might snap a bit.  But, once I figure out you are OK all is fine with me!  My foster mom is quite proud of me as I am becoming more comfortable with people who come into my home.  I even SNUGGLED with the water meter reader!!  I will also “sit” on command and will definitely sit for ear scratches and dog biscuits!  

I love to run and play, so my ideal forever home would have a fenced in yard for me to roam, maybe another sturdy dog to play with, and adults only.  I think I might be scared of children as they can be a bit too rough and tumble for me.  I know there is someone out there who knows and understands the Lhasa breed.  That person would know that I would benefit from adult leadership, obedience training, and loving guidance to help me be a good Lhasa boy.  

If you think I might fit into your home, please check out my Petfinder page and contact my foster mom at rvasak@comcast.net.    I would love someone who will help me be a good Lhasa Apso.  If you are that person, I promise to be your devoted and loving companion. 

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and am heartworm negative.

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