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My name is Garrett Mesquite and I am a 5 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix.   I was found as a stray and taken to a shelter a number of months ago.  I was all matted and looked quite the mess at the time.   Then my luck changed and I was rescued by the wonderful folks at Lone Star.   My foster folks got me a new haircut, gave me a bath, and most importantly a home to stay until I am adopted.  My hair is growing in quite nicely, I am getting more and more confident each day, and if I must say so myself, I’m beginning to look quite the handsome young dog!  

I have REALLY long legs and my foster mom calls me My Little Pony because of it.  She laughs at me because when I run I’m kind of clumsy and I tend to trip over myself a bit.  I get SOOOO excited when I run and play.  I particularly like to play fetch.  So it’s important that in my new home there is someone who will play with me and hopefully take walks with me.  My long legs can go a great distance!!  My ideal home would be one with older children to play with me and maybe another doggie playmate. 

My foster mom also calls me My Little Pony because when we are on the couch I love to nuzzle her neck just like horses do.  I am really a lovebug at heart and love to cuddle and get pets.  I’m a little shy at first, but when I get to know you I will love you forever.  I’m learning that being a lap dog is great!! 

If you think I could be a part of your family, please go to my Petfinder Page and see what my foster mom wrote about me.  I would love to find my forever home.  I just know you would love me once you get to know me!

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and heartworm negative. 
























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My name is Manchui and I am in the Forever Foster Program.  However, I’d like to change that and find my very own forever family to love.  I really love my foster folks a lot, but…….  

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m a 9-10 year old black and white shih tzu and am a bit bigger at 15-16 pounds.  I am a really mellow, wonderful guy who would probably prefer a household with older adults who could spend lots of time with me.  Children are OK too, but I don’t play a lot.  You see, I LOVE belly rubs and ear scratches and ask for them all the time.  Even though I’m on the larger side, I’d love to sit in your lap and get cuddled. 

I am also very-well adjusted to the fact that I am blind.  I had to have both of my eyes removed a number of years ago.  Once I figure out my surroundings, I can get around really well.  My foster mom has a grooming salon and I know exactly what’s happening, where she is, and who is coming and going.  I greet everyone with a bark and let mom know that a customer has come in.  I spend my days with her and am usually at her feet under the grooming table – covered in other dog’s hair!!!   But, my very-most favorite thing is to be outside where I can smell the fresh air, feel the grass under my feet, and just hang out. 

If you think I could be a part of your family, please go to my Petfinder Page and see what my foster mom wrote about me. If you let me come into your family, I promise to love you and be your faithful companion.  I look forward to future cuddles and belly rubs.

 I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots, heartworm negative, and microchipped.







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Meet Chimi, a happy-go-lucky terrier mix!  Chimi is an adorable, playful, outgoing dog who thrives on attention and loves to play with her toys, her humans, and other dogs.  She also loves food, treats, and rawhides.  Chimi came into our group after being abandoned at a local animal shelter while still nursing her three puppies–and she’s practically a puppy herself.  We believe she is between one and two years old, so she has many, many years of love to give her Forever Family.  Chimi does have some balance and coordination issues and is somewhat hearing impaired, so she has special needs.  We believe these issues were caused by complications such as poor nutrition and bad environmental conditions during her pregnancy that led to a severe emergency while nursing her babies.  The veterinarian at the emergency clinic said that she was on the verge of seizures and possibly death!  But Chimi is a real trooper and not only did she recover, but she is fine now and does not need any special medical care.  Ideally, though, she would go into a home with another young dog so she could have a playmate, as well as to have a “hearing buddy” to help her know where everybody is and what is going on.  Also, she should go to a one-story home because her coordination problems make navigating downstairs difficult for her.  (Her foster mom currently carries her down the stairs–which Chimi seems to think makes her even more special!)  Of course, she is very special.  Chimi is a joy to have in the family and she makes everyone laugh with her antics!  She loves life and constantly reminds her foster mom not to take life too seriously!  After all, life should be fun and lived to the fullest–that’s Chimi’s philosophy!  Can you give Chimi her Forever Home?  She will give you her unconditional love and bring joy to your life.  She is really hoping to get adopted soon.  For more information about adopting Chimi, please check out her Petfinder page.




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Look at this gorgeous boy!  Vinny is a kind and incredibly loving little fluff that just wants to be adopted into a Forever Home.  He was turned in by his owner, along with his brother.  Although his brother was adopted fairly quickly, Vinny has been waiting and waiting for his forever family for two long years!  He loves being with people, and is always ready to offer you his unconditional love.  Need more reasons to adopt Vinny into your family?  He is housetrained.  He knows how to respond to requests such as sit or stay or down.  Vinny has a wonderful personality and endless affection for his people.  He doesn’t care if you are a man, a woman, or a child–the more people the merrier!  Or if you live alone and want to have a forever best friend, Vinny will be there for you providing all the love and joy you could want!  Vinny needs to be an “only dog”, because he is not comfortable with other dogs in his home.  But that’s okay–Vinny has more than enough personality and love for any home!  He is a very Special Fluff.  Won’t you consider bringing this extraordinary little fella into your home?  He’s waiting for that special person or family who will love him and play with him, and take him for rides and walks…in a Forever Home of his very own.  For more information about adopting Vinny, please check out his Petfinder Page.




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Kamie is a lovely girl who is young, playful, and energetic.  She would absolutely love to go to a Forever Home with older children who will play with her, because “playful” is her middle name (well, not really, but it should be!).  She loves toys and games and playing with her foster family as well as her doggy friends.  If you don’t have children, not to worry.  Kamie would also love to live with someone who enjoys walking or jogging for fun and exercise, or would take her to the park, or just play lots of games with her (fetch is one of her favorites.)  Kamie is just a joy, and will bring so much love and laughter and fun to the right Forever Home.  Kamie is young–about two years old–and she is a shih-tzu/terrier mix with a wonderful personality.  If your family with older children is looking for a happy, playful companion, Kamie may be just the fluff for you!  Or if you are an active adult that loves to play (don’t we all?), then Kamie is just waiting for you to adopt her!  She is beautiful and good-natured and dreaming of her Forever Home.   For more information about adopting Kamie, please check out her Petfinder Page.