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What a charmer!!  Lucky Charms is a sweet, endearing little gentleman that is still hoping to find his Forever Home.  He is very easy-going and will fit into just about any type of home situation.  He is quiet, loving, well-mannered, and undemanding–With one exception, and that’s when you first come home.  Then he gets so excited–after missing you all day–that he just cries to be picked up and petted!  What a joy to be greeted every day by this little fluff!  Lucky Charms is very special and will make a wonderful companion for you.  Although Lucky is unable to see out of his right eye, it does not bother him and does not hold him back one bit (he just needs someone to help keep that eye clean and free of hair.)  And even though he has very good potty manners, he would prefer to have a quick midday walk to relieve himself if possible.  Lucky is about 7 years old, black and white, and is easy to groom because his hair has a texture to it that does not matt very easily.  If you are a first-time fluff-owner, his great disposition would make him a perfect match for you; if you have older children or another gentle dog for him to play with, he will make a great addition to your home; and he would be an excellent companion for someone who is retired and needs a loving fluff to care for and snuggle with.  This charming, gentle little fluff needs you.  Can you provide him with his very own Forever Home?  To learn more about adopting Lucky Charms, check out his Petfinder Page.

Lucky Charms



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Cute?  Are you looking for cute?  Just look at this happy, adorable fluff named Charmaine!  According to her foster mom, Charmaine is a pure cuddle-fluff and loves to be held and petted and cuddled.  She enjoys curling up next to her foster mom while watching TV and will even snuggle up onto her chest.  At night, she will nestle into bed against her foster mom’s leg and fall asleep.  Besides cuddling, Charmaine’s favorite activity is playing, although she can be a bit bossy when playing and interacting with other dogs (so she would be perfect as an only dog.)  She also enjoys riding in the car and just relaxing on the patio when the weather is nice.  This little fluff was picked up as a stray by one of the local animal control facilities.  Despite her rough start in life, this young, 12 pound shih-tzu is ready for her Forever Home.  Charmaine is so loving, and has a charming, playful personality.  All she wants is a family of her own to love and be loved by.  Could you provide a Forever Home for Charmaine?  She’s waiting for you.  To learn more about adopting Charmaine, check out her Petfinder Page.




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Toby is a white and tan male Lhasa Apso and a real sweetie!  Just look at that face!  He loves to play and he LOVES TOYS.  When you look at Toby, he is always smiling and is ready for fun and adventure.  Toby had lived with his family for several years before being turned out due to a new baby in the house.  He was rescued from a local shelter and is now ready for his loving, Forever Home.  Toby likes to sleep in his dog bed rather than a crate; would rather play in the backyard over going for car rides; prefers adults to the unpredictable behavior of children; and because he has some separation anxiety, he enjoys having a doggy friend to keep him company.  This playful fellow will bring lots of joy to the right Forever Home!  Could that home be yours?  To learn more about adopting Toby, check out his Petfinder Page.

Toby Ranger



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General Tso, whom is better known as “Joe” around his foster home, is such an easy dog!  Joe is a sturdy Shih Tzu/Lhasa at 19 pounds. He is house trained and never seems to bark, even when all the other dogs in the house bark. He is laid back and easy, but loves to play.  He likes to romp with his playful foster siblings and fetch with his foster dad.  Sometimes he plays tug-a-war with one of his foster siblings, too. He is also smart enough to understand the pack rules and leaves the middle aged, grumpier foster siblings alone!  Joe prefers to sleep in his crate, but sometimes he will lay on one of the pillows in the foster parents bedroom.  Joe is awesome with children of all ages. He doesn’t jump up on the young ones and scare them like so many of these little dogs can.  Joe would be wonderful as a first family pet if that is what you are looking for.  He would also fit well into a home with another dog.  He is not an alpha dog so gets alone with all dogs. To learn more on adopting General Tzo , check out his Petfinder Page.

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