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What does Kula Like?


Walks, toys, other playmates, daily walks, rides in the car, master bed to sleep in at night, and wants to be in the same room as his Foster Mom … that pretty much sums up Kula. He is such a pleasant little guy and gets along with everyone. His bummed up leg gives him no problem even if it doesn’t work the way he wants it to – he just goes on. Kula’s rehab on his leg injury is coming along very nicely. He has regained the use of his leg after being hit by a car which results in two broken hips. Now we are working on the nerve/muscle damage to his ankle. Read more about Kula’s road to recovery . He loves his P.T. ,which is daily walks in the neighborhood. He is a very active boy – tires a little faster than anyone else but that is to be expected. He is not aggressive at all and is generally a pleasure to be around. To find out more about Kula, please look him up on PetFinder.


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