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I know, Idaho doesn’t look much like a Tzu or a Lhasa but make no mistake, she has just as pleasing a personality as the Tzu’s do. She was born the end of February and is still very much a puppy. She loves her playmates, has just learned the dog door and has a natural instinct to fetch a tennis ball and bring it to your feet. Trust me, you will tire of that game far faster than she will. The first time she was thrown a tennis ball, she immediately grabbed it and ran back to me and placed it at my feet. Over and over and over again she will do that. She is great with car rides and is in the process of learning her leash manners. Idaho’s daddy was either a Schipperke or a Lab but she does sport the semi-longer, wavy fur of a Lhasa. And it is so shiny. Please read more about Idaho on the PetFinder webpage




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Russet has the perfect makings for a model.  Tall legs and thin body.  I don’t know what she loves the most – swimming in water  or shopping in her toy box.  Immediately after putting all of her toys in the toy box, she is dragging them out again.  Her goal is to see how many toys she can scatter around the floor.  She is a very easy going dog and a lover.  Car rides are just great for her assuming she can lean up next to the driver.  She has learned the dog door and is in the process of learning how to walk on a leash.  She was born late February so she still has lots of puppy energy in her.  She gets along great with the other dogs in the house and also likes children (in small doses).  If you would like more information on Russet, please visit the PetFinder webpage




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What does Kula Like?


Walks, toys, other playmates, daily walks, rides in the car, master bed to sleep in at night, and wants to be in the same room as his Foster Mom … that pretty much sums up Kula. He is such a pleasant little guy and gets along with everyone. His bummed up leg gives him no problem even if it doesn’t work the way he wants it to – he just goes on. Kula’s rehab on his leg injury is coming along very nicely. He has regained the use of his leg after being hit by a car which results in two broken hips. Now we are working on the nerve/muscle damage to his ankle. Read more about Kula’s road to recovery . He loves his P.T. ,which is daily walks in the neighborhood. He is a very active boy – tires a little faster than anyone else but that is to be expected. He is not aggressive at all and is generally a pleasure to be around. To find out more about Kula, please look him up on PetFinder.




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Fancy Clancy has I like to call him, is such a sweet and loving boy. When Clancy was picked up at a Houston shelter, he was so matted we were not sure if he was Lhasa or something else. But not being able to pass up his sad loving eyes. And after being groomed and a good bath, sure enough he looked more like a Bichon Frise than a Lhasa. Clancy is a loving boy who likes to follow his foster dad around all the time and enjoys playing with the other boys in the house. Clancy can still be a little skitish from being a stray on the streets, but is learning to build his trust. To find out more about this sweet boy, check out his Petfinder page.



Leeland – I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!

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Leeland is a sweet 3 year old boy who has been with Lone Star around a year. He loves to play with his toys and play fetch, as well as playing with his Foster brothers and sisters. He is great on car rides for those long or short trips. Leeland does have dry eye that requires drops daily. Other then that he is in tip top shape and ready to find his Forever Home. To learn more visit his Petfinder Page