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Snowee was in Rescue a few years back as a puppy and got adopted along with her sister into a loving family. But recently her dad passed away and the family lost their home and had to settle on a one pet apartment. Snowee was turned back into us, not because she is bad or anything but because her mom knew that Lone Star could find her a wonderful home. Snowee is a very sweet girl who loves her lap time. She is also very playfull and needs to find another sister or brother to live with. If you have the perfect home for this loving girl, check out her Petfinder Page to get a hold of her Foster Parents.



Pinocchio – I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!

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Pinocchio is a really sweet boy who always seems to have his tongue hanging out. This is most likely do to the fact that his bottom jaw is shorter than the top. But this does not effect his ability to eat in anyway. Pinocchio came out of a Houston last fall and now resides in the Dallas area. He is very loving and loves car rides with his seat belt on. To learn, visit his Petfinder Page.



Arabella – I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!

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 Did someone say Road Trip? Arabella is ready to be your Co-Pilot. She loves to go on car rides and look out the window. She even knows how to step on the button to let the window down so her hair can blow in the wind. She also likes the RV, and will stand on the dash (like the photo) and keep lookout at the Stop Light. Arabella came out of a Houston shelter late last year. She is a little hard of hearing and is also on Thyroid medicine twice a day. She likes all humans, but doesnt really like playing or snuggling with them to much. She really enjoys playing with the other dogs and to roll around in the grass. She does not act her age at all. Here is a video clip of her last month at one of our Vets. Arabella is a sweet girl who would love to find her forever home. So check out her Petfinder Page and learn more about this cute Lhasa.


P.S. Her Foster Parents call her Lucy.




Captain Jack – I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!

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How could we pass up this cute face while checking on others at a Houston Shealter? And even though Captain Jack is a Tibetan Terrier we rescued him from who knows what. He is such a Happy Guy who is full of Spunk, but not to much to slow down and let you hug Him and get one of his Kisses. He likes to play with with the Big Lab in his Foster Home and even doesn’t mind the Cats, although sometimes he likes to chase them. Captain Jack has great house manners and doesn’t mind a crate. To find out more about giving Captain Jack a Great Home, check out his Petfinder Page

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