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Named after the Dallas Maverick Dirk, this guy has the blond hair and likes to have fun on his court(home). Dirk’s story is he was left in the back yard the first year of his life.  When the people moved, they just left him behind and came every other day to give him food and water.  When he came to us, he had the worst cherry eyes imaginable and his waste was full of leaves as it was probably the main food he was eating.  Even with this beginning, he is a wonderful inside pet and full of nothing but love and play. So if you are looking for a sweet young guy to add to your team, get a hold of his Foster Mom on his Petfinder Page.


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    May 15, 2007 at 9:26 am

    From Dirk’s Foster Mom:
    Dirk knows his name as Shaggy which is what his original owners called him. He was banished to his lonely back yard when he was a baby because he got too big (they wanted a Chihuahua sized dog and then bought one). He lived outside, by himself, for the next year and half. His owners moved out two months prior to calling us and supposedly the boyfriend went over to the house to feed him every other day. When I picked him up, there was no food or water in the back yard for him. Shaggy thinks he is living in the Taj Mahal. He is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. He loves to play with children and with other dogs which is amazing considering his early childhood neglect. He does have a fear though of not getting his food so he will stake out his kennel and sit in front of it, patiently, waiting for din din to be served. He gobbles it down as if there were no tomorrow – even the golf balls I serve on top of his food don’t slow him down much (they are supposed to). Shaggy was a perfect houseguest until last fall when he was adopted by a couple that just didn’t know what to do with him because he dribbled in their house (he never dribbled in my house.) The couple returned Shaggy back to rescue and he has been diagnosed with incontinence (which can be brought on by stress). Shaggy is now on meds and is doing 95% better. We are hoping in time that he will become secure enough in his surroundings that he doesn’t need the medication or a belly band. He is the most even tempered dog I think I have ever met. He is obedient and will sit on command. I’ve been told he is a good leash walker. He has been through puppy obedience classes. He will frequently come up to me and ask for loving. His favorite spot outside is the ratty chaise lounge … he can survey his world from that point. If you feel you can give this great companion the love and attention he so deserves, please let me know.

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