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Vinny loves to be around us two legged humans. You can tell he is most comfortable when around people, and he listens very well. He knows sit, lay down and stay. Vinny also loves to be groomed as well as car rides, walks and his toys. He also likes his crate with the soft blanket so he can take naps.Vinny has been with the program since 2005, and is about 6 1/2 years old. He has no medical issues and would make a great companion for someone looking for a sweet little guy. More information on Vinny can be found on his Petfinder Page.



Patrick – I’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!

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Patrick has been with Lone Star for a few years now. He came to us with a broken jaw and scared to death. He has come a long way but still gets nervous around big crowds of people he does not know. Once he gets to know you he is very loving and demands attention. He would do great with a single person or a couple that has no small kids around. He needs a strong person to remind him what is right and wrong. He does enjoy playing with other dogs and will play to their strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about this 20 pound Lhasa boy, check his Petfinder Site.




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Named after the Dallas Maverick Dirk, this guy has the blond hair and likes to have fun on his court(home). Dirk’s story is he was left in the back yard the first year of his life.  When the people moved, they just left him behind and came every other day to give him food and water.  When he came to us, he had the worst cherry eyes imaginable and his waste was full of leaves as it was probably the main food he was eating.  Even with this beginning, he is a wonderful inside pet and full of nothing but love and play. So if you are looking for a sweet young guy to add to your team, get a hold of his Foster Mom on his Petfinder Page.