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Grant came to Lone Star last summer out of a shelter in Houston. He Heart Worms and went through two months of treatment to get rid of them. After that he spent time in boarding waiting for a Foster Home. After finally getting out he was allowed to show his true Sweet Lhasa self. He loves human attention and does great around kids. He is about 4 years old and looking for the special Forever home. So take a look at his Petfinder Page.




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Look at this Lovely Elder Lhasa Lady. Willow is around 11 years old and is blind and deaf but somehow seems to know when you call her, or it’s time to eat. She came to Lone Star a little over a year ago after someone saw her get hit by a car and got her to us. She was a little growly at first but has since gotten over that. She enjoys leisurely walks and likes the male fosters at her current home. Willow is looking someone who understands her limits and will give her a wonderful home in her later years. To learn more and a link to her foster mom, check out her Petfinder Page




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Farley is a 6 year old ShihTzu who came into our rescue in March of 2006 from the Oak Cliff Shelter in Dallas  Farley’s hair was so long and matted and his one eye had a bad case of glaucoma so we had it removed.  Farley has blossomed ever since and having one eye is no matter to him.  He is a true gentleman.  He rarely barks and has perfect potty manners.  He loves the dog door, walks (although he does like to lead some), car rides, sun bathing, sweaters in the winter, riding in buggies at Home Depot/Lowes and any new situation – he just thrives on new people and places.  Farley dances to the beat of a different drum when it comes to being in a rush.  There are no rushes in his world.  He is calm, cool and collected at all times.  Farley only has one irritation and that is a kennel.  Farley loves to be loved on, loves back rubs and will play with me, but You have to initiate it.  He does not play with other dogs – after all, he is a gentleman (although he will let the foster puppies sniff on him and kiss his beard).    If you are interested in giving this gentle dog a forever home, please read more about him on PetFinder under Lone Star ShihTzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue.

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Farley working on his Tan!!!



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Cheney is a 8 year old Lhasa boy who loves attention. He does have cataracts and little arthritis, but this does not slow him down. He likes to play outside and gets along good with other dogs and kids. But his favorite thing is Treats. He can even likes to do a little trick by holding them on his bottom teeth. Cheney would love to find a home all his own, to learn more about this guy, check out his Petfinder Page




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Update – Adopted

Sometimes you wonder how a Dog could be so Happy and Playful after going through so much. But Dawson is just that guy, always happy to see you and loves to run and chase toys or play with the other dogs. And all this after he had back surgery to fix a problem with some disks last year. Dawson has also recently had Bladder Stone Surgery, but he still as such a great Spirit and nothing seems to get him down. Dawson  loves to give those Lhasa Kisses, so take a look at his Petfinder Page and see if he is the one for you.