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Braysia is a fun loving Lhasa with a sassy attitude. She came to Lone Star after a Groomer called us and said that the owner had brought her in to be cleaned up because they were embarrassed to take her to be put to sleep in the condition she was in. Luckily the Groomer knew about Lone Star and all its great donors and asked for the dog. Braysia is around 8 years old and has had allergies but have pretty much cleared up with great food. And Does she love her food. She also enjoys her walks and toys and would love to find a home where she can be the Queen of the House. Visit her Petfinder Page to learn more about adopting Braysia.




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Update – Adopted

Mongo is a very Sweet 3 year old who has been with Lone Star about a year. He was turned in to a local shelter because his family was moving and didn’t want him in their new house. How could someone deny this loving boy a home. Mongo loves to go on car rides and likes chasing his foster siblings around. Check out his Petfinder Page to learn more about giving this boy a forever home.




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Summa came to Lone Star back in 2005. He had really bad ear infections and a lot of hair loss on his chest, probably from being tied up and the harness rubbing the hair away. Some of it has slowly grown back, but he does still have patches of bare skin. The rest of his coat is a beautiful shiny dark black. His ear infections come and go, but are a lot better then before. Summa is very loving and will let you know when he needs to go outside. He loves his toys and will play fetch for as long as you can throw. Summa likes to communicate, he growls sometimes when you pet him or if you get near his toys, but has never bitten. He just likes to talk. To learn more about this Beautiful boy, check out his Petfinder Page.




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Update – Adopted

Have you ever seen that dog running the streets, looking so lost and scared? Well Harley was that Dog and he got hit by a car before someone could help him. But he somehow dragged himself out of the street and onto a lawn. That is where a good Samaritan picked him up and rushed him to a local shelter. The shelter knew that Lone Star and all it’s great Volunteers and Donators would not think twice about helping this little boy. We took him to our Vet, where we learned he had dislocated his spine and his jaw was broken in two places. After surgery Harley had pins in his back and all around his mouth so that his bones could heal. During this time of healing, Harley was such a love bug all he wanted was a scratch on the head and sit in his foster moms lap. After three months the pins came out and Harley was able to get back to a normal life. He loves to go for long walks and has fun running and playing with his foster brothers and sisters. He can run and jump on the bed or couch with no problems. Harley is a happy boy who wags his tail constantly and is ready for a home of his own. Check out his Petfinder Page to contact his Foster Mom.


Digital Oil Painting by Digital Dog Art.com.