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WOW!!! I just KNEW I was special, but to be the FIRST FEATURED FOREVER FOSTER, that’s really something.

My name is Rush and I am a 3 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix. I have a wonderful forever foster home and I love my foster mom very much. She takes very good care of me and my other foster siblings. But she needs to take extra-special care of me as I have some special needs.

I have a serious heart defect that is being treated by the wonderful veterinarians at Texas A&M University. My foster mom works there and I am so glad of that because she is making sure I get the best possible care for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, the problem with my heart can’t be cured and I may only have 1 to 1½ years left to live.

Despite my physical problems I am an active little boy who has stolen my foster mom’s heart. As soon as we can figure out how to post my picture, you will see how very cute I am. I also love people and am very friendly. But, my very favorite thing to do is cuddle with my foster mom – CONSTANTLY. In fact, if my foster mom doesn’t want me in her lap, or if she stops rubbing my belly, I will sulk. That always gets to her and I usually end up in her lap. I truly am the sweetest little boy!!!


We’re Surprised and HAPPY!!!

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WOOF!!! We knew that our special place was coming but we haven’t decided which one of us wants to be featured first.

So, just give us a few days and see who the First Featured Forever Foster will be.