Update on Echo Montgomery – sweet girl with liver and kidney disease

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Echo Montgomery – Sweet little Echo is a young, small dog, but has kidney and liver problems.  There was a time that the vets thought these problems would be terminal; however, with proper diet & supplements, little Echo has made a remarkable recovery.


New picture of this doll!!

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Echo Montgomery – severe liver and kidney disease

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 We rescued Echo from the local shelter in late June 2006. We took her, per normal procedure, to our northside rescue vet. Because she was not in need of any treatment or spay, she was ready to go to a foster home quickly. We decided to be her foster family and took her into our home. Very quickly it became apparent she was drinking an excessive amount of water (64 oz. in one day), and what goes in, must come out. We took her back to the vet for further diagnosis. It was determined that she had a UTI and her liver enzyme levels were abnormal. We took her back home and treated her for the UTI, but about a week later she became very lethargic, and pacing aimlessly. We rushed her back to the vet, and upon examination, set up an emergency admission to Texas A&M Vet Hospital. They found she has liver disease (probably failed to develop properly), polycystic renal disease, hydronephrosis, kidney cysts and other more minor ailments. They also found her stomach and spleen are located in the wrong quadrant of her body.

We brought her back home, and since that time, she has needed to see the vet only one time. This was due to toxin buildup which her small liver is unable to process and required administration of IV fluids. This was mid-September, and she has been doing well since then. She is on a daily special prescription diet (food which can only be obtained through a vet). She has three prescription meds administered daily. She will periodically develop a toxic overload and require IV fluids administered by a vet.

Despite all her medical problems, she is a very sweet little girl, very affectionate and active. In fact, if it were not for the large amounts of water she consumes, a person would not know she is not a normal, healthy dog. She is very young (approx. 3 yrs. old) and very small, weighing 7 – 8 lbs. She has a strong desire to live life to its fullest. She loves her daily walks and never meets a stranger. Although she is considered non-adoptable due to her medical problems and the fact that she will not live a full-term life, a special person who has the time to devote to her would find her to be an excellent companion.