Beautiful Chrissy Burleson

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My name is Chrissy and guess what, I look like my name would be Chrissy because I have the pretty-girl look. I have one brown eye and one blue eye and beautiful markings on thick, foxy-red-brown hair.

Like most girls, I don’t like to talk about my age. But, let me just brag that I am 9 years old and keep myself in excellent shape. I have a good figure and no health problems. I do have to admit to one thing – I have no bottom teeth in the front. Believe me when I say that you will never notice because my bottom lip is black and my gum is black and my top teeth are very nice. It took my foster mom months to notice that my bottom teeth were gone in the front. She started laughing when she realized this because she had been worried that I would eat the cat.

You see, I have a cat brother at my foster parent’s house. I had not ever been around a cat before. I found out he is reallly fun to torment and I have taught my Lhasa-sister to torment the kitty with me. We backed him into a corner one day behind a potted palm – that was great. Since I met the cat I have been scaring him by baring my teeth so I hope my foster mom doesn’t give away my secret about my bottom teeth or that will ruin my power over him.

So, back on the topic of my and my looks and my figure and my health and me in general. Sometimes when someone picks me up it hurts a little, so I make noises. My foster mom and dad have a competition going to see who can move me on and off the very tall bed without me making any noise. Mom wins hands down. Dad is still trying to figure out how to move me around without me getting growly.

I am also told, although I will not admit it, that I snore. I don’t think that is very ladylike and I highly doubt it is true, but my foster mom and dad say so. On the topic of noises, I have developed an excellent bark in my opinion – it is offputting to strangers that I like to watch out the window, but still elegant I think. I always woof twice in a row, like this… Woof Woof. Then I pause and say, Woof Woof again. In my opinion, that is the best way of talking.

If you would like me to be your companion, you will have to promise to give me toys to play with, let me follow you all around the house and lay wherever you are and pick me up gently. Also, I don’t think I would want a cat around because I’m not sure they are all as nice as the one I have.

We expect that, because of her age, she will not be picked by an adopter.  She is welcome to stay with her foster mom.  But, she does have monthly expenses that average around $100 a month.  While she is in our program, she is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for his.  If you are interested in being one of his sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

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