The Barns family – new baby pictures

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We’re hoping to chronicle these babies as they grow.  Please check in each week or so for new pictures.

To see the whole story, start with the original post at the bottom.

There are two girls and four boys. 

Rustic (Rusti) Barns

Meet Rustic (Rusti) Barns.  Female.  Approx 2 weeks old.

Timber Barns

Meet Timber Barns.   Another female.


This is little Whitie – hmmm, wonder how he got that name.  Male.


Baby Splinter – another male.  Very nice coloring.


 Heff a nice chocolate brown boy.


Booker.  Male

Are these not cute babies!  Lhasa mother and unknown dad.

Here is the cutie mom, Celina.




You can donate for the care of these babies HERE via Paypal.  Or HERE if you’d like to send a check!!


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