Adorable Caleb Grand

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Caleb’s introduction:

My name is Caleb and I am about 10 years old.  If you are looking for a bossy, slightly over weight  little man, look no further, I’m YOUR GUY.  The qualifications I am looking for in a family are as follows:  I want to sleep where you sleep, I am partially deaf so don’t worry about bothering me with snoring etc. I sleep like a brick.  Once you put me on the floor in the morning (I have a bad back and don’t jump down)  I will need water and to go out.  I will also need my eye drops, that I love because I have dry eye, I then eat breakfast and go out again.  After all that activity I will take my first nap.  At around 5 I will be in the kitchen for dinner.  Promptly after dinner I will need to go out (I’m nothing if not regular) and you can forget about the dog door I like to see you open it and will let you know when I am ready to come back in. (I’m mostly deaf but I can bark).  What I will do for you is sit by you on the couch and let you pet and scratch me, I don’t like sitting there alone.  If I know you are home I will meet you with dancing in happy circles and let you pet me and get my eye drops.  Just because I have a few problems and am a little older does not limit the joy and happiness I can bring to your life.   My human sister is 13 and I am the first foster that she has ever let sleep with her and she adores me. 

We don’t know why no one is interested in little Caleb - he is a delightful little guy.  But, as long as no one is willing to adopt him, he’s welcome to stay in our foster program.

Caleb only needs around $100 a month, for his vet visits and meds while he is in our program.  He is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for him.  If you are interested in being one of him sponsors while he remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

At this time, Caleb has 0 sponsors.

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