Buddy Harris – sweet little shih tzu boy with arthiritis

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We call him “little” Buddy Harris – he’s a tiny little white boy.  He was left at a local shelter with no chance for adoption because he had heartworm disease.  Treating heartworms is too expensive and too lengthly a process for shelters to handle so a heartworm positive dog’s only chance at a new home is to be taken into a rescue group for treament.

Buddy sailed through heartworm treatment with only the typical residual health impact – enlarged heart and some pulmonary fibrosis.  But, then we noticed that he was having a lot of trouble walking – especially going up and down stairs.  He likes to lay on pillows but has a hard time getting up from the pillows.  Our vet sent him to Gulf Coast for some diagnostic tests.  Thanks to a lot of very generous donors, we were able to rule out all of the really bad things, especially autoimmune diseases.  So that left us with severe arthritis.  He is now on adequan shots on a monthly basis and is responding quite a bit.

Buddy has ongoing needs – it is doubtful that anyone will adopt him because of his disability.  We will keep him in our program for the rest of his life if necessary, but he needs five nice “sponsors” on a monthly basis, for ONLY $20 a month, to help pay for his meds.   If you are interested in sponsoring Buddy, please CLICK HERE to sign up for a Paypal subscription to donate $20 a month to Buddy .  Or, CLICK HERE to pledge to send a check to Buddy each month.

 So far, Buddy has 0 monthly sponsors!  PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. joann said,

    October 8, 2006 at 9:13 pm

    What a beautiful dog. So sorry he’s so sad.

  2. Sherry said,

    October 8, 2006 at 11:39 pm

    Hello everyone. My name is Sherry and I am the lucky person chosen to be Buddy Harris’s foster mom. Our family adores Buddy! He is such a sweet little boy and even with all his pain, he is always happy!

    I picked Buddy up from the vet about a year ago to foster. I thought I was picking up a healthy little boy who had just undergone successful heart worm treatment. I immediately noticed he seemed to walk slowly. He also seemed to struggle to find a comfortable position when doing his ‘business’, so I returned to the vet the following week to begin trying to find out why this beautiful little dog seemed so uncomfortable. Buddy was sent to many specialist, including a neurologist, orthopedist, surgeon, chiropractor, and a physical therapist. We ruled out everything except arthritis. Buddy has little to no cartlidge left in his rear stifles (knees). The left side is worse than the right.

    We have been treating Buddy’s symptoms with daily glucosamine supplements and monthly Adequan shots. The Adequan shots seem to really help him for a few weeks, but usually by the time the next shot is due, you can tell he is moving slower and in more pain. He does have some pain medication for really bad days, too. Fortunately, with the Adequan shots, they are rarely needed so far. During the year that I’ve had Buddy, I have not noticed any decrease in his ability to do things so these treatmenst seem to be allowing him to remain stable. His medical future is unknown, though. We hope he has many tolerable years left.

    Buddy spends most of his days laying on his pillows like a little King. We keep one in just about every room so he has a comfortable place to lay. He also has a stroller so he can take walks with the other dogs. He is always happy to see us and lets us know by greeting us with his tail wagging along with the other dogs. He may take a little longer to get to us, but he is always there to greet us just like all our other dogs. Even with all his problems, he is just full of life and spunk! He is a true inspiration to us!

  3. Sherry said,

    October 15, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    Our sweet Buddy is trotting through the house tonight! He had his Adequan shot on Friday and he is feeling frisky! He had a very good month this past month from the previous Adequan shot. He would lay down on the floor and play with one of my fosters before she was adopted. He was even rolling over onto his back to play with her! It looks like this month may even be better for him. I’ve only seen him trot a few times and tonight he was almost running! I can’t wait to see what all this month will bring for him! Maybe we can even go for some walks! Usually, we walk him in his stroller because he just can’t keep up with the other dogs. Today, he and our other dogs visited a nursing home where he was quite the hit! He is a great lap dog so the residents love him because he will sit in their lap longer than the other dog! Check back for more news about Buddy’s progress!

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