Buddy Harris – sweet little shih tzu boy with arthiritis

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We call him “little” Buddy Harris – he’s a tiny little white boy.  He was left at a local shelter with no chance for adoption because he had heartworm disease.  Treating heartworms is too expensive and too lengthly a process for shelters to handle so a heartworm positive dog’s only chance at a new home is to be taken into a rescue group for treament.

Buddy sailed through heartworm treatment with only the typical residual health impact – enlarged heart and some pulmonary fibrosis.  But, then we noticed that he was having a lot of trouble walking – especially going up and down stairs.  He likes to lay on pillows but has a hard time getting up from the pillows.  Our vet sent him to Gulf Coast for some diagnostic tests.  Thanks to a lot of very generous donors, we were able to rule out all of the really bad things, especially autoimmune diseases.  So that left us with severe arthritis.  He is now on adequan shots on a monthly basis and is responding quite a bit.

Buddy has ongoing needs – it is doubtful that anyone will adopt him because of his disability.  We will keep him in our program for the rest of his life if necessary, but he needs five nice “sponsors” on a monthly basis, for ONLY $20 a month, to help pay for his meds.   If you are interested in sponsoring Buddy, please CLICK HERE to sign up for a Paypal subscription to donate $20 a month to Buddy .  Or, CLICK HERE to pledge to send a check to Buddy each month.

 So far, Buddy has 0 monthly sponsors!  PLEASE HELP!!

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