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Brie has an unusual dark reddish brown/black colored coat with a white bib and two white paws. She is a lhasa that has been severely neglected and is slowly returning to life. She now has a bounce to her step that was not there and is starting to want to play with the male dog in her foster home. She has a healtlhy appetite and is getting some meat on her bones. She is completely house trained, uses the doggie door, good for her bath, likes to stay close, but is very undemanding. Her one cataract does not affect her sight. Although we would like to find a forever home for Brie, because of her age, she doesn’t get a lot of interest. So we’ve put her in our program for the ones no one wants - the forever foster program.

Brie’s vet bills run around $100 a month.  She is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for her.  If you are interested in being one of her sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.