Braysia – sweet little lhasa girl

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If your first words are “how pretty” when you look at my picture, you are right, I am a very, very pretty, mature lady! My foster mom said ladies at my age (8) say mature, not old. I also keep up my figure, weighing in at 14 pounds. I am a happy dog with a good personality, but, at times, my Lhasa attitude kicks in and I like to be the alpha dog, especially when I feel my foster brothers need to be kept in line.

I absolutely love my stuff toys, car rides, sitting on the back porch, and, most of all, walks! I am potty trained to the doggie door, but I prefer not to be put in a crate. I have a low-grade heart murmur, but I am not on medication for it. I am also going through holistic treatments for allergy problems, which are getting under control with proper food and supplements.

Braysia is a beautiful Lhasa that would make a great companion and do best as an only dog or with another submissive dog. Braysia was going to be euthanized because her previous owner did not want to deal with her any longer. She would love to find her forever home where she would receive all the love, care, and attention she deserves!    This little girl is a sweetie, but obviously not cherished by her former owners.  When she came into our program, she had horrible skin allergies that had not been cared for at all.  She also had big tumors on her tummy that were removed and analyzed.  Luckily, these tumors turned out to be beign so, she’s ok.

She’s getting over her skin infection, slowly, with some really good supplements from an homeopathic vet, but is still a ways away from being adoptable – perhaps never, even though she’s so adorable.

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  1. Carmen (Foster Mom) said,

    October 11, 2006 at 6:15 am

    It is October 10, 2006 and Braysia is starting her third month of holistic treatment for her allergies. Like with any holistic treatment, symptoms get worse before better. Braysia has been a trooper through it all and we are starting to see results. I’m sure she is more excited about that than me. I keep telling her to hang in there because she is going to feel like a new lady soon!

  2. Carmen said,

    December 12, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    December 12, 2006

    Unfortunately, Braysia is still not over her allergies/skin issues. We are doing everything we can to treat Braysia, so we need your continued help. Braysia says thanks too!

  3. Foster Mom said,

    February 16, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Braysia visited the chiropractic veterinarian on Friday. Dr. Giggleman said that Braysia had some of the worst subluxations he has seen. After a major adjustment, our little girl is quite a bit friskier. We think it was part of her ithcy problem also.

    We have also changed her diet and she is doing very well. Please consider helping us get Ms. B ready to go to a new home. She is making great progress now!

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