Meet Bernie – adorable elderly lhasa boy

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Bernie is a 11 year old sweetie, turned over to animal control by his family when the kids went to college after he had been their guard dog and companion all his life. He was not too well cared for ate only scraps, was overweight has a cataract on one eye along with a bad heart murmur. Bernie is a joy to have around, just wants to be near you, LOVES to go for walks and does not ask for much. He has been with us for close to two years and is not adopted yet. I guess his heart murmur is too much for someone to deal with. Yes it is hard to loose a dog you adopt, but please think of the dogs and how thrilled they are to have someone love them. Please don’t over look Bernie or any of the other forever fosters, they still have love to give.

Here’s Bernie’s intro:

Hi my new name is Bernie, I like that I got a brand new name for a brand new life!  My last place I lived I stayed outside all the time and they called me their “watchdog”, what is that?  Now I am living inside with some nice people and a few other dogs.  I can even go anywhere I want in the house and when I got scared of the loud noises outside I was picked up and cuddled.  Not sure what cuddling is, but I do like it. I guess my left eye has a cataract in it and I probably don’t see much from it, but my other one is fine.  I only ate people scraps in my last home so I hear I am a little “chubby” that sounds good to me, but my foster mom says she is working on my figure, UPDATE I lost the weight and look great now!!!!  I am a very sweet, easy going guy that has lived with kids and I like all the other dogs in my new house.  The cats upstairs I like too, but they don’t like my curiosity as much, UPDATE the cats and I have an agreement now and get along fine, until they run and sure I will chase if they want me to.  Playing tag is FUN! My potty training is going very well, I weigh about 17 pounds which is great.  I am supposed to be 9, but I act much younger.  Do you need a new  playmate??  Can I come live with you?  I won’t be any trouble, I promise.   Please, please???

We don’t know why people cannot open their hearts to these elderly abandoned dogs, but Bernie has had no inquiries at all to be adopted.  So, he can hang around here with us for the rest of his life, if no one else wants him.

Bernie only needs around $100 a month, for his vet visits and meds while he is in our program.  He is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for him.  If you are interested in being one of him sponsors while he remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

At this time, Bernie has 0 sponsors.

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